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Ring Size Guide

It may look very effortless in the movies or TV commercials for a person to get a ring for its loved one – surprisingly, that ring even fits perfectly. But this is not the case in the real world; you wouldn’t want to resize your ring or go wrong with the size of a ring while buying it for your special someone. Be it for your mom, wife, daughter, father, brother or friend; you need to get the right size for a perfect fit to avoid any hitches. There are many ways to find the right size for a ring, but you need to consider various factors before shopping for that one perfect ring that makes your special day a memorable one.

First things first….

Every individual is different, which means everyone will have a different ring size than the other person. So, make sure you know the person you’re buying the ring to avoid size problems. Just don’t surprise someone with a wrong-sized ring. Other important thing to remember before hitting the jewellery stores is to know which finger you’re catering too. All our fingers differ in size, height and shape, which means there is no room for you to be experimental with that. Remember gifting a ring to someone is a special moment, be it proposing your special someone or surprising your father on his birthday, so always try to eliminate the slight possibility of going wrong with the size by measuring both the ends of the finger you are aiming to put the ring on. It’s a bit tricky, but knuckles are essential to measuring too; they are tough and can determine a lot while you slide the ring to the finger. Try to get a half size bigger than what you need.


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How to Secretly Find the Ring Size of Others

Well, this job involves risk. That you wouldn’t mind taking, after all, it's about surprising the person you love. There is a number of ways that you can try to find the perfect size of the person you’re buying the ring for:

1. Measure the size through other round things, like a keychain or a wire or dental floss. Basically, you just have to get an idea of their ring size with the help of other circular objects. Threads can be risky, so make sure you don’t completely rely upon them.

2. Sneak out into their room and find another ring that you can steal (for some time) and shop for the same sized ring. Pro Tip: make sure to pick the ring that measures the same finger you are aiming at.

3. Let the other person do the talking, which means if you find this task a little risky, then take help from your friend or family member to get the ring size for you.

4. If you’re great at the guessing game, then this is one loving way to determine the right size of the other person –through holding hands and comparing sizes. You may not get the right size, but it will definitely create a memorable moment for you.



Some Other Things That Are Important Too…

While getting the right size, remember to take the size of the inner radius, not the outer one. Check the thickness and material construction of the ring to avoid accidents. It is advisable to pick a ring that is slightly bigger than what you actually require; that way, you don’t have to worry about the knuckle and ends. One common problem while sizing the ring is the inevitable body or weight change. Remember wearing a ring should not cause discomfort to the person so, make sure to choose the right material and type of the ring other than the size. This is one thing that you cannot predetermine, so to avoid last-minute hustles try to get the size at least a day or two before than the actual occasion or special day. Buying a ring is a moment of excitement and thrill; you always want to buy the best for your loved ones to make them feel special. If you’re shopping a ring to celebrate your bond or respect the other person do it with a heart full of love, and you will never go wrong. And, if you’re still confused, then consider the UK size chart for average size guide.