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Necklace Size Guide

Know-How Important Is Necklace Sizing

A necklace is a jewellery piece that can transform your look beautifully with its gorgeous design and statement appeal. Be it your casual wear or traditional outfit; necklaces offer a flair that stunningly completes your look. This piece of jewellery or accessory is available in different types, material, sizes and shapes. It makes the perfect gifting option for special occasions and events like Christmas, Hannukah, Thanksgiving, birthdays, anniversaries and engagements. But if you’re buying a necklace online or want to gift it to your special someone, it is important to determine the right size for a perfect fit. Yes, you need to have the right size of your neck or the neck of the other person to buy a necklace.

Some Factors You Should Consider

People often think that you don’t really need to size your neck while shopping for a neckpiece like rings and bracelets, but it is wrong because necklaces are available in different types. There are chances that it may not fit you or the other person as desired. You should consider the following vital points before shopping for a beautiful necklace:

  • The Type: Is it a chain necklace, pendant or choker? Determine beforehand what type of necklace you’re choosing because that way, it will be easier to size the perfect necklace for you or the other person.
  • Neck Size: Some people have a longer neck, whereas some have shorter ones. The neck size helps you identify the right type of necklace you should buy or give to the person. You would not want to gift a shorter neck a choker as it will not complement their facial features.
  • Face Shape: Necklaces frame your shape and accentuate your strongest facial features, which means you need to consider what face type you’re aiming at. Is it round, flat, oval or square? Be sure to get the shape right to shop for the perfect neckpiece.
  • Body: A man’s body type is different from a woman, so make sure you get that right. Knowing the body type will make it easier for sizing the neck for a perfect necklace fit. It would be best if you also got an idea of the person’s choice of necklaces to help you buy the most exciting piece for them.

Right Size for Him

Men love necklaces as much as women; it is a go-to accessory to create an edgy and quirky look. It makes them look young, dazzling and fun while adding the perfect tinge of elegance and sophistication at the same time. Usually, men’s neck size goes parallel to their shirt’s collar size. If you want to buy the man in your life a necklace secretly, then measure his collar for the perfect size. Men prefer their chains, cross, medallion or dog tags to fall at their collar bone, so it is recommended to pick longer necklaces than usual.

Right Size for Her

A necklace is a woman’s best friend for creating a stunning and incredible look. It is a perfect accessory that adorns the overall look. Similar to men's design, women, too, have plenty of necklace options. While shopping a necklace for the lady(s) in your life, make sure you know the type of neckline they love flaunting. Your mother may want a piece that suits her turtleneck sweater, or your sister may wish to a necklace that complements her cocktail dress. Pick the one that fits the best with their choices, dresses and body type. You can measure the neck size using a soft measuring tape, string or a ribbon. If you want to keep it a secret, then take help from a friend to measure the size for you. You can also secretly borrow one of their neck jewellery to determine the right size.

While buying a necklace for someone else, don’t choose a choker or neck fitted design as you may not get the size wrong. Always buy loose, chain style or adjustable necklaces with multiple closure options to be on a safer size. A necklace is a special piece of accessory, which makes getting the size right important. Just opt for safer alternatives or consider the UK standard size to minimise the error possibility. Remember, it is about making the other person feel special and loved, so anything you buy with love can never go wrong.

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