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Jewellery Metal Type

Jewellery Metal Guide

How to Choose the Best Metal for Your Engagement Ring

Popping that one question to your special someone is one of the memorable life-changing moments. You need everything to be just perfect for that moment, be it the flowers or the backdrop. Other than the ambiance, one most important thing about proposing someone is to get a beautiful and stunning-looking ring. You cannot go wrong with a ring on your day of engagement or proposal. Many people feel that buying an engagement ring is more challenging than planning a wedding because you have to get the size right, take care of the choice, keep an eye on your budget and, above all, choose the right metal. Metal is an important thing that needs to be considered before buying that excellent ring.

Here’s your guide, briefing you about some of the best metals available for you to choose from!

Know the Popular Metals

Every metal has its importance, and meaning like a diamond is known for its luxurious and lovable vibe, similarly pick the one that tells you a story you relate with. You can choose one of the following metals for your engagement ring:

  • Platinum: it is a naturally white metal that is expensive than most of the other metals. It has a relaxed, lustrous vibe to it that offers a charm when placed on a finger. If you want to make your loved one feel out of the world and won’t mind spending a little, then this is the one for you.
  • Gold: Gold is the safest option when it comes to choosing a metal for your jewelry. It has a nice shine, and you can pair the metal with precious gemstones or diamonds to accentuate the look of the engagement ring. You will find different types within gold, including yellow gold, which is the generic one available in any jewelry store, then comes white gold with a more contemporary vibe that most women love. If you’re romantic and looking for a charming ring metal, then rose gold is your thing. It is incredible and has an eye-captivating vibe to it.
  • Silver: Both men and women love silver for its soothing and subtle vibe. Silver is not that expensive when compared to gold and platinum but offers a great aesthetic appeal. If you’re low on budget but don’t want to compromise on the look, then go for silver as there are incredible ring designs available in silver.

Don’t Forget the Basics

The one thing that’s important and above all is to know the preferences of your partner. Taste is significant while buying an engagement ring as it determines various other things. It would be best to keep an eye on your pocket; budgeting your purchase is one of the most important things to get an idea of fits in your budget without digging a hole in your pocket. Remember, don’t be an impulsive buyer, think through your parameters and then pick the perfect piece for your special one. After setting the budget, choose the ring style, determine the design your partner would love the most. Decide whether you want to go subtle or you want a little bling on your ring. Remember that you need to choose the perfect metal for your ring once you're done researching the basics.

The Bottom Line

Choose the metal that fits your partner’s style; it should complement the personality and accentuate the look. Buy the perfect piece that is worth flaunting to family, friends and relatives. Look for metals that are durable and can withstand normal wear and tear, as an engagement ring is something that stays with you forever. It would be best if you also consider metal that is scratch resistant for increased wearability. Remember to give a thought on factors like style, design and price before picking any ring for your partner. At last, please don’t be nervous or impulse to buy anything. It's your special day; make it memorable with the right ring