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Garmin Watches

Innovation at its finest! The range of Garmin Watches available here at Acotis Jewellery are the timepieces that you will want to be seen wearing. Within our curated range of designs, you will find sophisticated watches that are at the peak of technological capabilities and can be used to measure and track the heart rate, running, swimming, sleep and more. You won’t be disappointed with the number of things that you can do with your Garmin watch and whilst you do it you can be the most stylish man around. The timeless designs of Garmin watches ensure that you will be able to wear this timepiece for years to come. If you are searching for a new watch then you can browse through the entire collection of men’s watches available here at Acotis Jewellery today.

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How did Garmin Watches become the Hotshot choice of all the Fitness Freaks?

It was a decade back in the year 1989, when Gary Burell and Min Kao laid the foundation of Garmin in Lenexa, Kansas. They produced GPS units and in 1991, their first customer was the US Army. Commencing their first project with a handful of engineers around a card table and evolving with current projects with a worldwide collaborative effort of thousands of colleagues’ shows how far they have come. Ever since the beginning they have been hitting the dart precisely at their aim of creating navigation and communication devices that would enrich the lives of their customers. Garmin Watches collection is their most successful project, which has impressed the techies and the fitness freaks all over the world. It has been a long while now that we are able to witness the wonderful things they have been doing with their smart watches by adding many advanced features every time to the new edition. Every time you are done thinking of possibilities of more innovative design and functioning of a smart watch, they bring you something that just brainstorms your imagination.

Garmin Watches- An Absolute Treat for Fitness and Technology Enthusiasts?

If you are looking for a smart watch with fitness functionality combined with amazing technical features, then Garmin watches are perfect for you. These watches comfortably rest on your wrists for all day long and do not need too much charging, which makes them the ideal replacements for the previous fitness trackers you have been using. Even if you want to use your Garmin smart watch at your office or in a meeting, you can easily do that as it has got a large display for notifications, which is one of the selling points of any smart watch now. There’s a feature of “Do not disturb” mode in many of its models for when even the subtle vibration seems like a bad idea. Tracking runs, saving your past activities, tracking steps and sleep, social media sharing, pool swim matrices and much more are some of the advanced features that Garmin had been successfully able to deliver its consumers in their hi-tech watches.

The Garmin mind-set behind the creation of the Exquisite Collection of Smart watches

Garmin watches don’t just design and sell products, they embrace the lifestyles. From aviation to marine, automotive to fitness, wireless solutions to outdoor recreation, Garmin employees are in the air, on the water, in the woods, behind the wheel and on the run. And they’re always thinking of ways to adapt and improve. The dependence of people on the smartphone running and fitness apps is so last season. For the runners being able to see their real-time stats during their runs with smart watches is the new trend and technology that Garmin has been investing their resources and efforts. There is no doubt that both beginner and seasoned runners can benefit from GPS running watches. Our innovative functioning includes the development of some special value-added features like the Virtual Pacer feature. This feature allows you to compare your current running speed to your target running speed and has a run/walk feature that can be helpful to those who are just getting into running. That is why at Garmin, you never know how the next great idea will be born. But you know it’s coming soon.