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Engagement Ring Guide

Engagement Ring Guide

How Sizing Engagement Rings Can Be A Tricky Job

Proposing to your counterpart is one of the most exciting things you can ever plan. It is an event that you will be cherishing throughout your life with your partner. The balloons, flowers, music and champagne all add to the beauty and charm of that incredible day. But all special days are incomplete with some hitches that could be anything. Think about going wrong with the size of your engagement ring? Sounds like a nightmare, right? This is the last thing you would want to happen on that one perfect day. Getting the ring size correct is the most important thing for that day. You should keep in mind certain things before surprising your loved one with a wrong-sized engagement ring.

Few things that You Can Do

Popping that life-changing question is the most thrilling moment in everyone’s life. When your partner knows about the proposal, you can simply ask for her/his ring size. But when the proposal is a surprise, you have to be really careful to get everything right and perfect. There are different successful ways to find out the ring size of your partner. Try them on!

  • The String Way: This may be a tricky thing to try, but it is worth giving a shot. Take a string or dental floss wrap around the finger to determine the size. It is a fun way to get closed with your partner and sizing the finger secretly at the same time. Remember to keep the string a bit loose to be on a safer size.
  • Go On An Outing: This isn’t as crazy as you might think. Take your counterpart to a flea market or an art festival and pick random stuff to keep them confused. While doing so, take them to a jewellery store, try out random jewellery pieces like a ring and later buy that ring and you will get the perfect ring size without them knowing.
  • Take Help: Preferably from a friend or family member. They can help you measure the right size or give you an idea of the size you’re aiming at. You can also take the friend out to buy the ring because they know the ring size better than you.
  • Be Subtle: Ask your partner the right size of their finger in a smooth and polite manner without hinting anything about the big surprise. You can compare fingers or put your ring in their finger to see how loose or tight it is for them to get the idea of their size. Basically, you play around like you don’t know anything and aim to get the size right.
  • Mimic Ring: You can take a keychain or a round wire to measure the size of the finger. Yes, you read that right. Remember to be fun and playful while doing this to look absolutely normal and keep the surprise element intact.
  • Be Straightforward: If you don’t want to take the hard road and then be upfront and ask your partner the right size. If marriage is one thing you talk about the most, this will not be the most challenging job. There still remains a surprise element as they don’t know what ring you’ve bought, which is enough to keep the spark alive.


Listen To Your Heart

This may not sound the perfect solution to your problem, but it will definitely motivate you to do something special for your special someone. Remember, you know this person for a long time and have spent plenty of time to know how they look and feel. Just listen to your heart and pick the perfect ring for them after all, it's about starting a new voyage together, and it can never go wrong. If possible, do measure the size of the knuckle for an easy and convenient fit. If nothing works, then take help from the standard UK size guide with all the information related to both men and women's average ring size.

An engagement ring is something that stays with you forever. It is the most beautiful thing that reminds you of someone’s love and happiness. Getting the right size of the ring can be a tricky affair, but it is not possible; you have to plan out things smartly and creatively. To be on a safer side, try to get half a size bigger than you’ve measured. Make sure to try the best option that suits your requirement to create an unforgettable moment of life.

Good luck!