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With almost 10 years of experience creating the finest jewellery Emozioni manage to bring contemporary pieces with each collection that they deliver. Discover glamorous Emozioni bracelets and Emozioni women's earrings which will elevate your jewellery box to new sophisticated heights. Explore the range of Emozioni coins which are the designer brands stand out product and they are the ideal gift for those who are proud to display luxury items around their home. Alternatively, you could display your coins in the beautifully crafted Emozioni coin keepers which can be worn as necklaces. Explore the complete collection of women’s coins available here at Acotis for beautifully sourced designs from luxury designers around the world.

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Emozioni Jewellery by Hot Diamonds

The breath-taking coin designs by Emozioni are the crowning glory of the brand. Designed with attention to detail and ion abstract fashions, the coins, keepers, and chains create a statement all on their own. Free-flowing designs make them stand out and help highlight the beauty of abstract, nature, asymmetry and a touch of unconventional designing. The diverse and self-curable designs allow individuals to create highly personal fashion-jewellery to complement their unique style.

The design features Italian influences based around the adage “live in the moment.” The brand takes current trends and transform them into delicate and interchangeable pieces of jewellery, updating and changing along with the fashion seasons. This amazing jewellery is set to light the world on fire with its new spring release in 2018. Hot Diamonds Emozioni is here to stay and Acotis welcomes their new collection.  The collection consists of ornate pendant coins, coin keepers and chains that can be interchanged to suit your emotional feelings.

Emozioni is stocked in Acotis Diamonds and since the collection launched it has revealed more than 240 coins, 22 coin keepers and 36 chains. All present in various precious metals and designs so you can choose a combination that is just personal to you! The Emozioni range has been represented globally at major jewellery shows, magazines, and tube networks, and seen on the casts of adjudge winning fact TV explain such as Made in Chelsea and The Only Way Is Essex.

With its huge special designer coin collection, Emozioni is the uncrowned ruler of the coin realm along with several other unseen and unheard-of jewellery styles. Expertly crafted with exceptional attention to detail, the abstract coin designs from Emozioni are the perfect jewellery pieces to create a style and statement that is yours and yours alone. These designs that emit an aura of eccentricity, nature, asymmetry and unconventionality are the epitome of beauty that is mystical and unknown to the world – truly fitting for a soul that is different from them all, fitting for styles that know no bounds and limitations. 

Live in the Moment – The Life-Changing Mantra

Emozioni designs follow a beautiful adage that is visible in all the one-of-a-kind designs that it features. The said mantra was born from the depths of Italy – “Live in the Moment”. This essentially means that Emozioni chooses the best of the current trends and seasons and transforms them into designs that are both unique and in-line with the style that is hot at the moment. Transforming on every turn, you live every moment with the unique Emozioni jewellery – it is here to stay after all. With ornate pendants, coin keepers and chains you can create your personal Emozioni designs here at Acotis Diamonds. 

A Collection Larger than Life Itself

With over 240 coins, 22 coin-keepers, 36 different chains, bangles, bracelets, earrings, and rings, the collection that Emozioni has presented in front of us is so huge that you will get flustered in choosing the one variant that you love the most. Everything prepared with precious metals and stones, there is no shortage of designs and combination for you to choose from. The Emozioni range has been represented globally at major jewellery shows, magazines, and tube networks, and seen on the casts of adjudging winning fact TV explain such as Made in Chelsea and The Only Way Is Essex.