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Celebrated across the UK for her stunningly eclectic handmade jewellery collection, Suzie Calder produces a repertory of contemporary sterling silver jewellery that has amassed a cult following! When it comes to rich designs of bracelets and necklaces, Suzie Calder’s Elements Collection speaks of classic modernity and exuberance. Elements Silver Collection brings to you, exquisite silver jewellery featuring contemporary and classic that evokes grace and feminism. Each jewellery piece is perfect for everyday wear, making the jewellery collection an indulgent treat for yourself!

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Exclusive Iconic Jewellery Collection from Elements Silver – a Symbol of Love and Passion

Worn by celebs like Kate Middleton, the collection of Elements Silver embodies Suzie Calder’s love for crystals and stones. It was in the year 1977, Suzie Calder started on her journey to make a leap in the niche of jewellery making. After acquainting herself with the techniques involved for years with the help of a qualified silver smith, Suzie founded the Elements Silver Collection in the year 2005. The enterprise was a breakthrough for Suzie, that she won the Arts Award from the North East British Arts Council. Suzie’s distinctiveness for talent lies in her collection’s uniqueness and beauty. The designs aesthetic of Elements Silver collection appeals across gender and age. The designers at Elements bring a charm to each jewellery piece. Kate Middleton has always been an ardent admirer of Suzie Calder’s jewellery collection to an extent that she was marvelled by the exquisiteness of the jewellery, which made it difficult for her to make a choice.

Contemporary Silver Jewellery Collection

Ideal for romantic summer days, or a perfect dinner date, the collection from Elements Silver comes with a delicate mix of sun gleaming sparklers and silhouetted botanicals, designed to remain etched in the memories forever. From blushing roses to pink hues, the delicate daisies shine with golden tones, together with Swarovski stones, all suavely adorned in delicate silver settings. Hypoallergenic and high-quality, the sterling silver jewellery at Element Silver has a sheen and gleam that stay on forever. From drop and stud styles and, dainty pendants and delicate chains to dangling earrings and sterling silver chunky necklaces, Elements Silver makes an impression with their statement jewellery collection.

Caring for Sterling Silver Jewellery

Fine sterling silver jewellery can last a lifetime, especially with proper care. Store the fine jewellery in a pouch or a separate container in your jewellery box, to minimize damage and scratches. Avoid exposing your silver to chemicals when cleaning with ammonia or bleach. Chemicals can damage silver when swimming in chlorinated water. Utmost care is to be taken to prevent silver tarnishing – a condition that occurs naturally when silver reacts with hydrogen sulphide in the ambient air. Use only appropriate silver solutions, polishes and clothes to remove the tarnish. Though the best way to prevent tarnishing is to wear your silvery jewellery often.