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Founded in 1973, Diamonfire have been creating the finest jewellery for almost half a decade and in that period they have discovered the art of contemporary jewellery. Within the curated selection of designs which have been handpicked for you by our jewellery experts, we have picked the most beautiful pieces from the collection that we think you will love. Discover bangles, bracelets, necklaces and more that will help you command the attention of any room that you walk into. Stun with sophisticated pieces of jewellery that your friends and family will comment on whenever you wear it. Available in a selection of materials including rhodium and platinum plated as well as zirconia, you will be spoilt for choice with the range of Diamonfire jewellery available.

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A classic, timeless line of diamond jewellery that surpasses all tests, limits and bounds of fineness, luxury and elegance, Diamonfire brings you pieces that will spell-bound you in a haze and take you to the realm of rainbows and butterflies. A hint of grace, a pinch of leisure and a lot of variety combines together to bring you a huge collection of different sized diamonds, crystals and gemstone rings, earrings and more that you can choose from in order to complete your collection and dazzle every occasion. Making a fashion statement with your ensemble, Diamonfire justifies the beauty of diamonds on a whole new level.

Lustre of Diamonds Combined with Intricate Craftsmanship

Custom-made for every mood, personality and event, these beautiful pieces are designed by expert craftsmen using the most exclusive material and authentic diamonds to make sure that every woman is able to find something that suits every façade of her personality. Perfect to treat yourself or to make the day of your loved ones, these diamond jewellery pieces are perfect to be presented as a gift on all special occasions. With collections like Timeless Elegance, Classic, Carats, Pearl and Bridal, you will have more than enough to explore and choose from when it comes to finding just the right piece.

A Diverse Range to Cater to All Your Demands

Bracelets and bangles, necklaces and pendants, rings, earrings, pens, jewellery sets – a truly fiery collection of diverse and different kinds of Diamonfire jewellery, there is nothing that you won’t be able to find here. From sterling silver to rhodium-plated, platinum-plated and 4 more kinds of materials and gemstones apart from diamonds, the jewellery pieces from Diamonfire are made to cater to the needs and desires of every woman, no matter how alien they are.

Diamonfire Jewellery – Inspired by the Lustre of Diamonds

Hues and shades from the rainbow cascade each jewellery with their hint of grace while the different sized diamonds and crystals provide a range for you to choose from. Large diamond earrings and rings with diamonds or a pendant adorned with a minimal crystal, there are designs that will match every mood, personality and style. Making a fashion statement with your ensemble, Diamonfire justifies the beauty of diamonds on a whole new level.

The brand, Diamonfire is synonymous with enduring quality and a deep sense of designer trends. Can you imagine of a synthetic stone, polished and cut like a diamond? Diamonfire confers the “ideal cut” – a specific polishing method for zirconia stones, just like for diamonds. Exclusive of all the synthetic stones, Diamonfire zirconia is measured according to the criteria used for a genuine diamond: proportion, colour and purity. The stones used by Diamonfire are also measured in carats. It was Burkhard Müller who had the vision of establishing Diamonfire as a global brand liked by every market in Europe so that the gap in the market will be bridged.

Each jewellery piece from Diamonfire is elegantly designed and crafted. The unique collection allows a woman to define and select fine jewellery, according to the varying facets of her persona. Regardless of the selections you make, Diamonfire assures you that the wonderful pieces will give you a lifetime of incomparable brilliance and joy.

Diamonfire’s Must-Have Jewellery Picks to Build Your Own Collection

Classic Collection The classic line of Diamonfire features the most iconic jewellery pieces, ensuring unsurpassed finesse and timeless elegance as the main qualities of the stunning designs. The classic collection helps in jazzing up the beauty of your little black dress and adding a nice sparkle to formal outfits as well. Designs vary from ladylike and delicate to dazzling and statement ones. Select matching jewellery from the collection to allow the sparkle to radiate further. Pave Collection Incredible sparkle and superb details are the attributes of Diamonfire pave collection. Stylish and elegant, the designs in the paving line can suit different tastes – bringing subtle glitz to any outfit.

Eternities Collection Created to help you celebrate the special moments in your life, the Eternities Line has been designed to carve a special place in the life of every woman. Collectables What makes collectables unique is its emphasis on the individuality of each person. With limitless combinations and versatility, the jewellery confers a personal touch to your everyday lifestyle. Royal Colours Collection The trilogy of sapphire, emerald and ruby appears across this collection. The Diamonfire repertory of jewels helps you to add elegance to your sumptuous gown. Carats Collection Featuring the carat weights from 0.25ct to 2ct, the Carats Collection comprises of jewellery pieces with brilliance to the right proportions and precision. A three-layer plating on the setting serves to enhance the effect even deeper. This collection represents elegance and beauty. Pearl Collection Truly precious, the pearl collection is a symbol of purity, perfection and beauty. The collection uses shells and pearls of incredible quality to ensure exquisite glimmer and colour.

Shopping for Jewellery Is Easy on Our Website

We believe that at Acotis Diamonds shopping must be affordable and convenient. We try to create a seamless online shopping experience, which takes advantage of the competitive pricing that shopping online affords. Make selections based on preferred colours, materials, themes and budget, and the site will return with those pieces that are of most interest to you.