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Diamond Buying Guide

Buying Diamond? Take A Look at Some Helpful Tips

Every individual desires to own a diamond once in their lifetime. It is a stone that symbolises wealth, luxury, status and love. Diamonds are made to last for eternity; they are one of the most precious and price possessions that anyone would love to own. It beautifully and elegantly accentuates the appearance with a dazzling and lustrous shine. Shopping for diamonds is a tricky but exciting task. There are numerous factors that you should look upon before getting your most stunning piece of stone.

Begin with the Most Important Thing

Among many other things, the first step you should follow is to know your budget. You cannot go gaga over buying a diamond without putting an excellent effort on deciding the budget. Yes, it is an expensive stone, but if you plan out things correctly, you will get the perfect diamond for yourself.

It is also essential to consider the very important 5Cs of diamonds which are:

  • Cut: It is the most important characteristic of a diamond; the perfect cut will help the diamond shine and sparkle even more. The cut's quality is determined with six grades that are ideal, excellent, very good, good, fair and poor.
  • Colour: You may think that diamond is only available in white glittery or clear shades, but that’s not the truth. The natural diamond has a yellow-tinted shade to it, and it is certified that not all diamonds are colourless or white, so carefully look for the perfect colour that gives you the desired look.
  • Clarity: This determines any impurities or imperfection on the surface of the stone. Though no diamond will be completely flaw-free, you can consider the grading scale to pick the near-flawless one.
  •  Carat: Like gold, diamonds to are priced based on their carats. Higher the carat means less imperfection, ideal cut and more weight, ultimately more price and vis-à-vis. If you’re all about buying that one perfect piece and don’t spend a little more, then looking at the carat is your thing.
  • Certification: You should always ask for a diamond certification before buying a diamond. The certificate has all the information about the value of the stone, carat, weight and purity, which helps you resale as well.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

Diamonds are perfect gifting options to make your loved ones feel special and out of the world on special occasions and events. They offer an ideal way to show your love to the people you care about. You should keep in mind a few things before hitting the jewellery store to buy your little baby. The things include researching a bit about your diamond. Know about the different types available in the market. Look for the 5Cs and pick the one that suits your style and pocket. Remember one thing; you’re not allowed to be an impulsive buyer when it comes to investing in diamonds.

Many people buy diamond rings to propose their counterparts or gift someone, but you can always look for other jewellery pieces like earrings, studs, nose pins or bracelets. What’s important is to be flexible with your accessories because you’re aiming at buying something that’s not too hard on your budget but still keeps that luxurious and rich vibe intact. If you’re not confident enough to purchase the diamonds on your own, take help from a friend or professional who knows a great deal about diamonds. Remember to look at it as a long-term investment that will be with you forever, so make sure to eliminate every doubt before getting that one precious thing for yourself.

From creating a glamourous look to going super subtle on your formal attires, diamonds have the potential to transform your look effortlessly. Always remember that you’re investing in a piece of jewellery that reminds you of happiness, love and all the good things. So, celebrate life by gifting yourself or the special ones the perfect diamonds. Just be careful with all the necessary things to avoid hitches.