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Everything You Need to Know About Bracelet Sizing

Bracelets truly offer an effortless way to accentuate your overall appearance. They embrace relishing designs and patterns that make them look absolutely gorgeous and elegant. Bracelet is one accessory that you can pair with different attires – formal or casual, without going overboard with your look. They’re perfect wearing in daily routines or at various parties and occasions.

Bracelets are great gift options to make your loved ones feel special on their birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or other special occasions. But what if you don’t know the size of their wrist? It is the most important thing while gifting or buying someone a bracelet you need to know their bracelet size. If you’re looking for the best and secretive ways to know your special someone’s size then, here’s your complete guide to bracelet sizing.

Begin with….

Every person has a different wrist size based on their body type, physical built and gender. You’ve to look for options that best suit your loved one to get the size right and ultimately get the best bracelet for them. Wrist sizing is not such a tricky job, but the slightest negligence has the potential to ruin your surprise. People who often aim to take the size of the wrist and forget about taking the size of the closed palm of the individual or the hands' size. It is important to measure the closed palm because it will be easier to slip the bracelet into the wrist. You need to be very particular about the person you’re buying the bracelet for because not everyone wants to have a tight-fitting, some people love to keep it loose and flowy.

How to secretly measure the size

If you’re buying a bracelet for yourself or someone else online, then remember most jewellers and brands use standard sizes to differentiate their bracelets. You generally need to pick the size that suits the best you in the best capacity; these UK standard sizes are designed with significant research to cater to everyone's needs. But if you’re still unsure, below are some ways to determine the size for the perfect bracelet.

  • Measuring Tapes: They are the most common and successful way to determine the wrist or palm's size. You can also take a string or strip of paper to measure the wrist below the wrist bone. Measure the size, and you’re good to go. Just to be on a safer size, try to order or buy with taking half a size extra.
  • Be a Picket Pocket: Don’t be serious, you’re actually not stealing anything. You just have to get a sample of the existing bracelet or bangle of the person you’re buying the gift for. This will help you to be accurate with the sizing, and you can always return the item you stole.
  • Ask for Help: You can help your friends or other people get the person's size without letting them know. If it’s too risky for you, send in another person and tell them to take the size of the wrist as well as the closed palm for accurate sizing.

Choose Safer Options…

If you cannot size the wrist, you need to look for bracelets that serve as the safest options. There are different types of bracelets available for you to pick the one that will give you no more sweat and issues related to sizing. You can pick adjustable bracelets or wrist bands that can be adjusted according to the size of the person. Some bracelets have closure ends/locks that can be fixed to different sizing options as per requirements. You can also pick bracelets with extended chains or straps for a comfortable and secure fit. For both men and women, there are hundreds of designs available in the market that are easy to wear, removing the hustle of sizing.

Bracelets are one of the most elegant jewellery pieces that people of any age and gender love to wear. They add flair and gently uplift the appearance of every individual. Gifting a bracelet can never go wrong when you want the other person to feel special and loved. If you’re still struggling with getting the size right, you can always take help from the UK bracelet size chart, which offers an easy-peasy way of getting the right bracelet for you and your special someone.