Engagement Ring Symbolism: Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring




When you find that someone special and decide it is time to share the rest of your lives together, you will want to find the perfect engagement ring to commemorate your beautiful bond. 


What does an engagement ring symbolise?


An engagement ring symbolises love and commitment between two people, signifying the timeless journey they are embarking on. With no beginning or end, the circular shape of the ring, for instance, is deeply symbolic of infinite love that transcends life. It represents the coming together of two people and their connection in a fortunate way. 


Whether you choose to make a grand gesture when you pop the question, or just decide to keep it small and intimate with a quiet dinner, an engagement ring is essential and so becomes the focal point of the night. Engagement rings are a piece of jewellery that does not only grab attention wherever you go but also adds an extra flair of glimmer to your overall look. A staple addition to your jewellery box, that is to adorn your finger for the coming years. An engagement ring could be modern, traditional, or even a classic, but should also accompany any style and attire effortlessly. 


Engagement Ring


So, combine the magic of love and style from some illustrious designers to find an engagement ring that will define the everlasting bond you share with your significant other. We have put together a step-by-step guide for you to consider when choosing the perfect engagement ring for you to consult before making your decision.


From the ring style and material construction to the type of stones studded in it, you can find it all here. We recognise that the selection process can be overwhelming, and with this easy-to-follow guide, you will surely find it easier and will feel more informed about your decision. Embrace our collection and enjoy the journey to finding the perfect engagement ring for your partner.


Decide on The Designer 


To be able to pick out exactly what you want, try to decide on a designer. With a plethora of options, there are many celebrated brands and exclusive engagement ring designers to choose from here at Acotis Jewellery. 


Why buy a ring curated specifically by a specialised designer, you ask? It is a wise choice to choose a designer as they are experienced and know exactly what you may be looking for. Designers such as the Harmony Collection, Diamonfire and Thomas Sabo, among many others, offer an assortment of stunning designs for you to choose from. 


The Harmony Collection features a range of engagement rings that are perfect to make a statement and express your affection. The striking pieces in this collection feature sleek bands with rows of diamonds and are a minimal designs that possess an elegant flair. With various diamond sizes and precious metals to choose from, the Harmony Collection will surely have something to catch your eye. 


Man proposing to a woman


Another illustrious designer that has graced the fashion world for almost half a decade, Diamonfire is known for creating pieces that command the attention of any space you are present in. The classic rock-style engagement ring offered by Diamonfire can help make a statement on your special day. 


Other chic wedding bands are presented by designers such as Thomas Sabo, who has experience of over 35 years in expressing their vision for the world through their jewellery designs. Thomas Sabo offers diversity in choice, but a balanced medley in the specific engagement ring jewellery type. Pick a designer you like based on the ring styles in their collection. 


How The Ring Looks In The Light


The various facets and cuts of glorious diamonds pose as tiny mirrors when exposed to light, reflecting their surroundings. Hence, diamond rings have a varied look under different lighting conditions and every movement causes each facet to reflect light differently onto each other, creating a different effect every time.


Engagement ring and holding hands


Daylight, candle lights, lightbulbs, fluorescent lights and spotlights, all affect rings differently. When buying a diamond engagement ring, make sure you examine it under these different lighting environments to see how they look and perform: 


  1. 90 degree corner away from all the spotlighting! Sure rings, diamonds and jewellery look immaculate under a spotlight, but this doesn’t give an accurate look and it is important to check the ring in a setting where spotlights do now drown the real shimmer of your diamond.
  2. Make sure that you look at the rings in natural daylight. This is the setting that you will primarily be in and ensuring that you know how the ring looks in that setting is important. 
  3. Mixed lighting environments and spaces where the ring will be worn most should always be considered as that is where it will shine at its best.


Remember to Find A Ring That Suits Her Style 


You are buying an engagement ring with the intent that it will be worn for a lifetime. When looking for the perfect ring, you should know your partner, her choice and what kind of ring she dreams of! It is vital to find an engagement ring that she will not only like, but that will compliment her style and overall aesthetic. Focus on her preferences instead of yours, and be sure to go for something that she will be proud to where for years to come.


How can you do that? It’s easy, just ask! When a woman is going to be wearing a piece of jewellery every day, she would be happy to have a say in the matter! 


Putting on an engagement ring


However, if you want it to be a complete surprise there are ways of figuring out what style of ring she likes based on: 


  1. Observe the type of jewellery she mostly wears. This includes metal colours, stone types, styles, etc. 
  2. Talk to siblings, her mother or the best friend. Chances are, she has discussed this with them, and they know what she has her eye on! 
  3. Take her jewellery shopping. Carefully watch her as she goes through her options, paying attention to what catches her eye.
  4. Just the way she dresses and carries herself can tell you a lot about her choice. She may have a refined look making a classic ring the perfect style for her. If she has a more modern edge, a sleek band with a row of diamonds can do the trick. Traditional women may prefer bigger rocks, while someone with a quirky eye may want something totally unique, maybe even with hints of colour. 


Know Her Ring Size 


If you are marrying her, we are sure you know her ring size by now! If you don’t, no pressure. It's best to avoid accidents and moments of embarrassment on the big day, so we are here to help you with simple tips and tricks to solve your problem. Here are some discreet ways to help you find out your partner’s ring size, without her knowing.


  1. Ask her friends and family, they might know her ring size. 
  2. If this doesn’t work, take a moment to borrow any of her extra rings when she isn’t in her room, and simply trace the inner circle of the ring on a piece of paper.
  3. You can also stamp the ring into a piece/bar of soap to get an impression of it.
  4. Consider wearing the ring on your own finger and marking where it stops sliding further down. 


Measuring ring size


Jewellers can comfortably use this information to estimate the perfect size for your beloved in no time! Keep in mind that the dominant hand is always bigger, so make sure you measure a ring she wears on the left hand only. In case you are unable to get her size, do not forget resizing is always an open option! 


Think About the Budget


Wedding planning takes time and patience. You need to iron out all the details, including the budget. Before you start browsing through different styles and types of rings, set a budget for that too. Let it fit in with the other expenses you will be incurred, but make sure you set a worthy budget, as an engagement ring will last a lifetime. There is no set price-cap for engagement rings, but it’s always nice to decide with your partner and spend a near equal amount. 


Engagement ring in dark light


Though the myth of spending a 3-month salary on an engagement ring is long gone, your budget could be somewhere around what you spend on your wedding cake, or maybe around a bottle of top-shelf champagne. All of these criteria are set aside, a better way to decide the budget is to compare various designs. 


Engagement rings and wedding bands are differently priced depending on the band material and the stones inlaid in it but don’t worry, there is a range of designs that fit every budget. 


To Match or Not To Match Your Wedding Rings?


When it comes to something as personal as wedding rings and engagement rings, there are no set rules or guidelines to matching them. Though you may not want to match them directly, there are many ways of creating the perfect harmony between a pair of rings, just like between you and your partner. 


  1. Mix it up – The modern way of matching rings is creating a striking contrast of metals. A stylish and new way to pair your rings, be as inventive as you please when you choose mixed and complementing metals. Try mixing white golds and platinum with warmer tones or something rosy for an elegant touch. 
  2. Say it with words – Even if you don’t want a matching pair, you can get your rings beautifully personalised with complementing engravings – a message that is only complete when they are put together. Get a special message engraved on the inside of the bands to make a thoughtful and treasurable set.
  3. Go for the matching ring – Aside from matching your engagement rings and wedding bands, you can also match your ring to your partner’s ring. Just go romantic and match those rings! Going out to shop for rings together can be a very special experience. While finding something to symbolise togetherness and to strengthen your bond, why not do it together?   


engagement rings for her


With many ways to match your wedding rings, the main focus is to find something that reflects who you are, your style and your personality. If you don’t wish to pair your engagement ring and wedding band, you don’t have to. 


Try This One


Here are some of our favourite designs for you to explore:


A round half eternity ring can make a statement despite its sleek design. The half row of diamonds will surely glimmer with your beloved as she walks down the aisle! Such as these rings, there are many others from a mid-tier price range that are designed to grab attention at competitive prices. 


The Harmony Collection engagement ring


If you have set a higher budget, there is a selection of magnificent diamond rings you can browse. With several generously sized diamonds encrusted in a choice of various metals such as gold, rose gold, white gold and platinum, this half ring with a striking layer of rocks will never cease to make an impact. Another subtle style is this subtle band with numerous fine diamonds set across it for the perfect glimmer. Whether you go for a single diamond or rows upon rows, remember to keep in mind what style your special someone would choose to wear every day.


The Harmony Collection


tyles, and designs to process, it may start to feel overwhelming. However, if you go through our guide step-by-step, you are sure to have considered everything you need to. Besides the materials, the budgets, the diamonds and all the other technicalities, always remember the most important thing is your beloved and what an engagement ring will symbolize for her! Understanding engagement ring symbolism can help make this decision even more meaningful.