Luxurious Timekeeping: Discover Timex Watches


We live in an era where a wave of transformation has hit, and that too hard! Watches have been revolutionised from the traditional ones to high-tech bands and gadget watches to do way more than just convey the time. While traditional watches have reduced simply to collectibles and the occasion of seeing someone’s wrist adorned with one has become scarce, for those who do wear them, it’s time to wear the best!





The power of a wristwatch is immense in making or breaking your outfit, so read on to find out more about beautiful collections that will enhance your look.


The Perfect Weapon with a Formal Suit



Ever waked into a formal event, decked from head toe with a rubber-strap watch around your wrist? Formal watches are an essential companion to your formal attire, adding a hint of class to your evening look. The analogue watches with sleek hands a plain dial with subtle markings or numbers to tell the time are considered the classics. Pair it with your favourite suit or blazer and walk into that business meeting in style. Wear a silver tone formal watch to a grand event, or an analog brown watch to a formal gathering, the classy formal watch will always give you an elegant vibe.


A Casual Look, A Casual Style



It is a notion that people who wear casual watches don’t expect much from them, but casual watches add a different air of style and flair your outfit. Casual watches are the most common and can really augment your look; it’s just about finding the right one. They are designed for regular use and to offer more functionality than formal ones, which definitely affects their appearance, making them a little more on the laid-back side. Wear this analog green watch for a casual day with your friends, or boast this Timex pink watch, with a fusion of colours in the dial, for a date with your girlfriends, or how about this beautiful Timex black watch with bold numbers for a trip away from home?


Something for Everyone



Though there has been a distinct demarcation between men’s and women’s watches, the line seems to be gradually blurring. With women and men both taking to watches with a neutral appeal, wristwatch brands have not let this go unnoticed. A trend that is rising sharply and fast, there is a wide range of unisex watches available around the market for a subtle look. Offering a look to go with all your outfits, the unisex watches can add a formal or casual element to your wardrobe. Wear this extravagant Timex tan strap watch with a classy skirt or casual jeans, or try this analog black beauty for a day at the office.


Tasteful Straps for Your Wrist



Rather than the dial actual telling the time, it is the strap that leaves a mark and makes a statement. There are numerous styles of fashionable straps that float around. Choosing one is all about your style and the personality you want to express, not to mention something that is specific to a certain outfit. There are basic leather straps for a clean and minimal look or even grained leather ones for an extra flair. Nylon nato straps offer complete comfort for daily use and there is a pool of bracelet straps with various styles such as this watch with an oyster bracelet chain strap. The president bracelet strap adds a hint of elegance while the Milanese bracelet offers more of a subtle look. With numerous more straps and bracelets, the options are unlimited and you’ll definitely end up with a winner on your wrist!


The Timex Collection



With roots dating not too far back, Timex is a brand for luxurious watches since 1854. Making luxury affordable, Timex started with keeping time in the pocket but with a tweak here and a twist there, and with revolution of the concept of watches, brought them to your wrist. With fine craftsmanship and intricate details, Timex offers the widest variety of styles and handsome watches for everyone. Be sure to find the perfect piece for you!


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