Unique New Year Gift Ideas to Dazzle Your Loved Ones

Gifting is an art that is mastered over time and with practice. Knowing what to gift someone requires skill and an in-depth knowledge of the recipient you are presenting a gift to. To select the best and be reciprocated with the gift of smile, one must invest time and thought.



This New Year, whether as the show stopper at the end of a year full of festive presents or as the commencement of one bearing heartfelt gifts, chose the perfect present to make loved ones feel special. So don’t let the holiday cheer sideline your shopping spree and start 2020 with a blast!


The Elegance of the Classics



With a kaleidoscope of varieties and types of jewellery to be boxed up and tied in a bow, there is a vast range to make a gift. From classis rings, bracelets and necklaces, there are pieces that will remain timeless and forever be easy to gift along with being the safest, perfect choices. Watches, beautiful bangles and anklets make evergreen trinkets to sit in a gift bag but why not try something new this year? Make your gifts special and dip into new trends and styles this time. With the option of playing it safe, there is also one of surprising someone with something new and unique this time over.


Accessorise in Style



There are classy pieces of jewels that are not actually in the form of jewellery but are always ready to add a touch of elegance to your personality. Such accessories are always a great way of expressing appreciation and making gifts out of. With a myriad of collections, there are graceful keychain designs featuring the largest diversity of styles and themes. Chic wallets, minimal tie slides and sleek money clips are greatly appreciated. Offering presents of functionality, all these options along with snazzy phone covers and card holders are the new unusual way of gifting this year!


Let Your Toes Ring, Too!



Though it may sound slightly unconventional, toe rings have always been and continue to be a stylish way to go. Adding a hint of panache to your overall look, toe rings give dresses, casual wear and formal attires a versatile and fashionable touch. Studs and gems forever galore, sleek minimal designs, and diamonds, toe rings will definitely be a surprise to your loved ones.


Make a Statement with Brooches & Nose Studs



Another aspect of jewellery and accessories that is lesser explored but has a huge fan following is the vast pool of nose studs and brooches. Elements that add class and elegance to any outfit, these will be the perfect gift for your family and friends this new year! With a plethora of designs and fine definitions, there are bold colours of nose studs and numerous appealing brooches to choose from. For him or for her, there are plentiful designs with diamonds, silvers, golden and quirky themes for a fun way if elevating your look. With designs appealing to everyone, find the ideal gift for your loved ones in the form of a boastful brooch!


Cases and Clutches to Keep Your Treasures



To house all their jewellery, though everyone has their favourite jewellery box, there is always room for an upgrade. Gift something original this time and select an exclusive jewellery case for your loved ones and their much loved jewellery! With an assortment of designs, styles, sizes and colours, there are many cases and boxes to choose from. The diverse range with different functionalities offers a medley of jewellery boxes, pouches and clutches that are sure to transform your gifting flair this year.


Let It Shine, Let It Shine!



For all the jewellery lovers, it is easy to understand the importance given to cleaning jewellery. Along with buying the most beautiful and graceful pieces, it is a necessity t keep your jewellery and accessories shining and well maintained for immaculate showcasing. Boasting your jewels remains no fun if they aren’t well kept. So, how about premium quality jewellery maintaining accessories for the worshipers of jewellery? Delicate cleaners, wipes and polishes curated especially for your fine jewellery will definitely be of use to jewellery owners who have it all!


New Year with Acotis


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