Revealed: The 10 Best Mother's Day Gifts Of 2022



  1. Is Jewellery a good mother’s day gift?
  2. What jewellery should I get For my Mum on Mother’s Day?
  3. Mother's Day gift ideas.
  4. Mother's Day jewellery & gifts at Acotis Diamonds.


Are you ready for Mother’s Day? On Sunday 26th March, it’s time to celebrate the incredible women who made us. We think that giving the leading lady in your life some gorgeous jewellery is the perfect way to show your appreciation. 


If you’re not sure what to get your mum for Mother’s Day, don’t worry! At Acotis, you’ll find the ideal gifts for everyone from the mums-to-be and new mums to the grandmas, aunties, and those special people who are just like a mum. 


Is jewellery a good Mother's Day gift?


Gift tag with To Mum written on it


We may be a bit biased, of course, but jewellery is a wonderful Mother’s Day present. When you think of all the ways your mum treats herself, we can guarantee she never splurges on a necklace or ring. 


Jewellery is a little luxury that is also a sentimental keepsake. Fine jewellery is especially unique because it’s high quality and is only reserved for those truly closest to us. And there is nobody closer to us than mum!


What jewellery should I get for my mum on Mother’s Day?


When choosing the perfect jewellery for a Mother’s Day gift, it’s important to think about your mum’s sense of style. Think about the clothes she wears and what she gets up to day-to-day. 


For example, if your mum’s job is quite practical and she uses her hands a lot, it’s better to buy her a necklace or earrings for Mother’s Day. Whereas if your mum is a little quirky and prefers bold jewellery, she’ll love stackable rings and statement necklaces.


Everyone’s style is different, so you want to ensure that your mum’s new jewellery will complement her existing wardrobe and lifestyle. 


Mother's Day gift ideas


If you’re still wracking your brain on what to get your mum for Mother’s Day, never fear! We’ve got plenty of ideas and tips on the perfect gift for your nearest and dearest. 


Gifts for mum from daughter


Mother and child smile at each other


A bond between a mother and her children is special. However, the mother-daughter bond is exceptionally unique. 


Matching necklaces are a cute nod to your likeness for the daughters often called their mum’s ‘mini-me’. However, if you’re buying for a mum with a young child, small heart-shaped pendants will be a sweet homage to her bond with her little one. 


Alphabet necklaces and pendants engraved with initials have also surged in popularity as Mother’s Day gifts for parents of both young and older kids. Celebrities like Charlize Theron and Hilary Duff have been spotted wearing necklaces with a charm featuring their children’s initials.


Gifts for mum from son


Woman lifting her smiling curly haired child


For the lads, mum is often an angel in disguise who picks you up when you’re down and is always there to offer her support, even when you fly the nest! 


There’s no better way to let mum know she’s your angel than to give her a pair of wings. Jewellery featuring angel wing charms and pendants has many meanings. A single wing is usually associated with safety, protection and guidance. 


The angel motif is ever-present in our collection of Nomination jewellery which boasts bracelets, necklaces, and even earrings intricately designed with angel wings. 


For the sons who wear their hearts on their sleeves and express their love in words, you need Nominations charm bracelets. Not only can mum collect charms to click on to the bracelet, but you can also get her started with a base bracelet that has an affirmation inscribed to tell her how loved she is.


Gifts for mum from grown-up children



If you’re one of many siblings, it can be difficult to stand out when buying a present for the matriarch of your brood.  Plus, the likelihood that some of you will make the faux pas of buying the same gift for mum is much higher! 


Engravable jewellery is the answer to your problem. Not only is personalised jewellery guaranteed to be a beautiful gift for mum, but it’s also completely original. 


The options are limitless with engravable jewellery. You can choose any personal message or inspirational quote engraved on nameplate necklaces or even opt for a quirkier take on the trend. 


For the mums with a sense of humour, engravable jewellery with family jokes that only you know are truly one-of-a-kind.


With families reuniting after time apart during the covid-19 lockdowns, ‘family tree’ necklaces have emerged as a popular gift for parents from adult children. 


This type of necklace usually boasts a tree pendant but can also feature discs, with each ‘leaf’ engraved with the initial of each of the children. It’s a touching way to remind mum just how much she has accomplished in raising all of you over the years. 


Mother's Day gifts for new mums from baby


Mum feeding baby


Shopping for Mother’s Day gifts from a baby to a new mum is always difficult. If it’s their first-ever Mother’s Day, you want to mark this special occasion with something memorable. 


For that momentous first Mother’s Day, charm necklaces and bracelets by Thomas Sabo and Trollbeads are ideal. Start with something simple like a birthstone charm to mark a baby’s birth month. Then add a spacer and a stopper so mum can start adding a new charm to mark each special moment as their baby grows. 


Mother's Day gifts for a mum-to-be from bump


Woman in pink dress with hands over her pregnant belly


With the new arrival fast approaching, why not buy a Mother’s Day gift from bump? Creating a new baby hamper for the parents-in-waiting is a brilliant way to combine presents for the baby and a bit extra for mum. 


Build your hamper up with the baby essentials everyone needs, like sleepsuits and bibs, then combine it with a small Mother’s Day gift from bump like a mum-to-be bracelet. 


If they know the sex of the baby, buying jewellery celebrating the arrival of a baby girl or boy can be a lovely addition to their baby box. 


Mother's Day gifts for grandma


Small girl on woman's knee with a book that has Grandma written on it


Let’s not forget about grandma this Mother’s Day! For many, grandma or ‘nan’ has been just as present in raising us as a mum. 


Since grandma will naturally be a couple of generations older, you’ll need a jewellery style that’s both timeless and classic. 


For centuries, women have worn lockets containing photos or mementoes of their loved ones. Locket necklaces have been favoured by many famous historical figures, from Queen Victoria to the ancient Egyptians. And their popularity hasn’t waned in the slightest, with even celebrity mums like Katie Holmes being spotted wearing vintage lockets.


These elegant pendants rest close to the chest to symbolise keeping someone close to your heart. The locket opens up to reveal the small photos in a frame, and some even include a loved one’s lock of hair. 


We recommend including a childhood picture and a more recent one for extra nostalgia for adult children. To make your grandma’s locket even more personal, consider having the pendant engraved with both your initials. 


 If grandma has recently lost their husband or partner, including a picture of them in the locket is a touching tribute that will be a comforting reminder of your time together. 


Gifts for someone who is like a mum on Mother’s Day


Woman hugs her child


Sometimes the role of mum is filled by someone who is not related directly to us by blood. This person can be a family friend, an aunt, foster parent, or even a neighbour, but above all, they’re everything a mum should be to you. 


While you may not call them mum, you can still spoil them just as much as a mum on this special day. Mother’s Day has evolved to become more inclusive in recent years, and there are many cards available to ‘someone like a mum’. 


It takes a special person to be ‘like a mum’ without being your parent, so you need a Mother’s Day gift that lasts longer than flowers and chocolates. 


For this gift, we recommend combining practicality and sentimental value. Jewellery sets are perfect for giving them a present that they’ll wear every day, such as earrings along with a little luxury like a bracelet or necklace to complete their look. 


Mother's Day jewellery & gifts at Acotis Diamonds


Are you ready to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift? Find a present for mum, grandma, and someone-like-a-mum here at Acotis. Shop our Mother’s Day collection to be well prepared then discover more women’s jewellery and gifts online here.