Elevate Your Style: Best Men's Bracelets & How to Wear Them

Many might think bracelets are a feminine accessory, largely because of the difference in market size for males and females. How about we tell you that bracelets are a breed of jewellery, relaxed and laidback, that every man can wear without feeling out of place. Men’s bracelets add a touch of class and style to your overall look. Sunday luncheon, biking day or just a casual workday – a bracelet is sure to amplify any outfit on any occasion. A bracelet is a versatile accessory that reflects your personality and brings out the colour in your outfits. In a world where almost everyone is wearing the same thing, an eye-catching accessory sets you apart from the crowd. Not just a fashion accessory, bracelets are a great way to showcase your identity and culture. They let you express yourself and your associations in a non-conventional way, and not only that, they are a great conversation starter too! Wear a bracelet which signifies something to you to your next party and get ready to be the one everyone is talking about!


Men’s accessories have traditionally been minimalistic but thankfully designers have started investing efforts in making bracelets for those suave men looking to standout. If you’re out there looking to add that flare in your look but don’t know where to start, look nowhere else! Here are some stylish pieces which are sure to give you that extra bit of confidence when you go out:


Thomas Sabo Black Cat Green Beaded Bracelet



The perfect everyday wear: this chic bracelet from Thomas Sabo adds a cool look to whatever it is paired with. Hoodie with jeans or vacation shirts with boxers, wear it with any outfit and see the magic happen. Perfectly handcrafted, the bracelet is set in beads of imitation malachite and an obsidian bead with engravings. Make your own statement wearing this expressive and symbolic piece.


BEGINNINGS Sterling Silver Heavyweight Close Curb 22cm Bracelet



This chain style bracelet from Beginnings is made from sterling silver and pair perfectly with a business suit, aviation uniform and more. The metallic strap gives this bracelet a premium look and silver finish makes it ideal for any formal occasion as well! Add a touch of class to your outfit and make heads turn.


Fred Bennett Stainless Steel Black Leather Weaved 21cm Bracelet



The one for all, all for one bracelet – this contemporary bracelet from Fred Bennet makes for a great addition to any ensemble. Minimalistic yet powerful, this leather weaved bracelet with a stainless-steel buckle works with everything. Carry this standalone or layer it with other beaded or chain bracelets. Its versatility also makes it a great fit to be worn with a watch, decorating both wrists!


Thomas Sabo Silver Multicoloured Charm Bracelet



Autumn just got more expressive! The Charm Bracelet from Thomas Sabo features green imitation malachite beads. They are paired with heliotrope, tiger’s eye, jasper and obsidian. Express your personality with this funky piece. Best paired with something casual, the bracelet combines well with beach wear or when layered with other minimalistic bracelets to make this eye-catching.


How to Wear: Things to Take Care of


The role of any bracelet is not to be the main attraction, like any jewellery. They are made to add depth to your look and show that you care about how people see you. A good bracelet with a good fit beautifies your wrist. A few things to keep in mind to not commit fashion blunders -treat bracelets like wristwatches. Do not, I repeat, do not stack up multiple clunky metal bracelets. Pair as many thin cord bracelets as you like, do not wear thick bracelets with wristwatches. Experimenting is fun and cool but stick to understated until you get the hang of bracelets.


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