Luxury Jewellery Gifts Galore: Exclusive Finds at Acotis Diamonds

Gifting needs no reason or occasion when you have compassionate and loving people in your life. Helping you express your affection towards friends and family, gifts are a medium of saying you care and bringing smiles all around. Chocolates and flowers make beautiful gifts, but hardly last long enough to even to flaunt. Timeless jewellery and accessories will remain with your loved ones, and instead of a conventional gift item wrapped in glamour and momentary bliss, get something memorable for them to cherish.

At Acotis Diamonds, we understand that selecting the perfect piece according to different personalities, relationships and occasions can be tricky, so here we have a thoughtfully curated list of some jewellery edits that will surely make a luxurious option!

Rose Gold is the new Rose

Rose gold adds the most elegant and luxurious touch to every type of attire. Golds and silvers remain classics, but it’s the rose gold that is here to steal hearts. The warm tone and luxe appeal of jewellery set in the minimal pink shade gives it its alluring charm. From the casual to the formal, jewellery pieces fashioned in graceful rose gold finishes capture an essence of style to make a versatile addition to your jewellery collection. Just like this designer rose gold crystal bangle by Guess jewellery, the rose gold accessories are the new classic for its beauty and flexibility, complementing any ensemble. A myriad range of rose gold jewellery will surely include a piece for your special one.

Pieces Adorned with Gemstones

Not only a touch of beauty, have gemstones also added a bold and vibrant essence to jewellery along with being known for their mystical powers through generations. The significance of these stones makes them some of the most treasured and preferred jewellery accessories for gifting. Sapphire, ruby, emerald, amethyst and turquoise are a few of the most popular stones from the birthstone collection that are often considered the perfect personalised gift. Intricately carved jewellery accessories like gemstone Karma beads by Trollbeads, rings studded with bold stones or earrings flaunting an elegant gem such as this pair of amethysts earrings, can be gifted as a keepsake with different meanings.

Engraved Jewellery to Touch the Heart

Personalised jewellery makes a perfect gift for any and every occasion. Engraved pieces of jewellery make a special statement and convey a unique message to loved ones. Be it for a friend, a mother, a sister or anyone you wish to bring a warm happiness to, personalised jewellery will surely stand out. Accented with a special quotes or messages, a special date or any name, engraved jewellery gifts hold meaning worth cherishing for a lifetime. Engraved charms, bracelets, necklaces, bangles and other jewellery such as from the Nomination jewellery collection will help you make any occasion memorable for your loved ones.

Elegant Time Pieces

When jewellery does not make the cut, a classy wristwatch is never an afterthought to make an addition to a stylish wardrobe. Collectors know no number that will ever complete their collection of designer wrist watches for men or woman. Watches are not only the perfect pick for watch collectors and enthusiasts, they also make a suitable gift for family and friends that you are unsure of what to wrap up for. A high end watch can be your go-to option when all ideas fail. Thomas Sabo’s designer watch collection at Acotis will surely have something to catch your eye and leave your gift-recipient stunned with impressive designs. The modern watches are flawlessly fashioned to present something for everyone!

Acotis Diamonds for an Exclusive Collection of Stunning Gifts

Find graceful jewellery accent pieces that exude sheer excellence in craftsmanship and timeless appeal to wrap up and gift. With a plethora of online jewellery designers, brands, and stores emerging, you can always trust Acotis Diamonds with a unique and explicit collection to promise superior quality. Showcasing prestigious brands and the beautiful pieces they offer, Acotis is a portal where you can easily navigate through user-friendly filters to find the most exclusive gifts for any occasion. Explore through a wide collection of charms, necklaces, vintage-inspired jewellery, bracelets, and statement jewellery to make someone smile, only at Acotis Diamonds.