Kids Jewellery: Cherish Precious Moments with Acotis Little Gems

The birth of a baby is a moment to cherish. For parents and babies, gifting the new arrival with some children's jewellery is a wonderful memento of this precious time.


Our collection of exquisite kids jewellery is a wonderful introduction to the world of jewellery for young children. Be it gifts for newborns, their older siblings, or a sweet gift for the new parent’s baby box, our collection of children’s jewellery has exactly what you need.


Little girl plays with pearl necklace


The best jewellery for kids


Our collection of children’s jewellery comprises adorable stud earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and baby gifts like crystal sculptures. Such products can form the perfect gift package for new moms, babies, and older siblings of newborns alike.


Little girl poses for the camera and shows her jewellery


What’s more, we have plenty of children’s jewellery sets with different themes like spiritual bracelets and silver charm bracelets. To make kids jewellery gifts extra special, you can customise each piece with a unique engraving.  For branded jewellery for the little ones that can be customised, our Chlobo jewellery collection is our top pick. You can get either your child’s name or anything that holds significance in your life carved onto these engravable pieces to mark that special occasion. 


Make a baby memory box with kids jewellery and gifts


If you are a new parent or expecting one soon, then these little yet precious pieces of new baby jewellery are perfect for your little one’s baby memory box. Our finely crafted ornaments and accessories can mark those huge milestones for your little one from baby’s first tooth, first hair curl, first picture, and birthday. Our trinket boxes, silver-plated money boxes, engravable photo frames are our favourite luxurious pieces for baby boxes, while small gifts like cosy baby booties & mittens are also wonderful extras new parents frequently add to their keepsake boxes. 


New parents hold their newborn baby


In addition to our alluring jewellery sets sourced from popular brands, we also boast colourful accessories such as mugs, hats, watches, changing bags that further enhance your gifting options and can be paired well with jewellery. You can conveniently order these unique extras from the comfort of your home through our online shop. 


Acotis Jewellery takes pride in delivering the highest quality of jewellery and accessories that have set the benchmarks for expertise and durability. Each of our products undergoes stringent quality checks and stands up to the requirements of heavy use. Crafted with standard-grade material, our branded children’s jewellery sets are free from known metal allergens and remain safe on the skin, thereby ensuring optimal protection for you and your baby. In addition to enabling an allergy-free experience, we pack all your new baby gifts with as much creativity as possible. Our special packaging for both boys and girls includes colourful gift boxes or pouches, cards for personal messages, and coordinated gift bags to express our admiration for our young customers.


Little girl poses with her hands on her shoulders.


Give parents and their little ones a gift that will become a true family heirloom allowing them to cherish those precious memories for coming generations. Shop our full collection of children’s jewellery at Acotis online now then, why not pick up a little something yourself? Check out our women’s and men’s jewellery collections online now.