Celebrate International Women's Day with Unique Jewelry Gifts

Every day is a celebration of life, but some days require special attention and celebration. Falling amidst countless birthdays, Valentine’s Days, Mother’s Day, Christmas and New Year celebration, there comes the International Women’s Day. A day that celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements, International Women’s Day is observed across the world to honour the achievements of women.


Being celebrated for over a century now, International women’s Day is not limited to a single community or group and it calls everyone to join in the celebration. There are several unique ways one can celebrate this pious occasion but a few things remains constant in every kind of event/party i.e. food, banter, laughter and presents. Diving in and shortlisting some of the best options, here are some top picks for you to select the ideal gift for your family and friends and to get a little something to glam up yourself up for the much awaited parties, and events.  


The Basic – A bit of Glitter for Event Preparations



Many lunch-in and brunch dates with your fellow supporters await you to start with the festivities of the day and that is why carrying the best version of yourself is of utmost importance. Both formal and informal events may line one after another and dressing up for each one it is not a feasible option at times. This is where jewellery comes in. Transforming an outfit in a matter of seconds is what accessories do best. Style your casual   pants and shirt combo with a sleek formal watch, small stud ear rings and smart bags for the formal brunch and add some chunky neckpieces and some layered bracelets with your watch  to glam up for drinks with friends in the evening.


Pack Some Smiles in Form of These Presents



Every notable event calls in for a celebration with a party, sumptuous food, drinks and some presents. It is no surprise that one of the best kinds of gifts that can be given to women is a thoughtful piece of jewellery. Choose a Swarovski crystal necklace or a ring to complement the strength of every strong woman in your life. There is no shortage of options when it comes to buying jewellery for women but putting a meaning behind the beauty of the glitter also goes a long way. A thoughtful gift of a piece of jewellery is an ideal gift for wife, girlfriend, sisters, friends, and even acquaintances from work and related places.


Go Wild with the Theme Colours



Setting the spirit on every festival is the very first thing on the list. Just like Christmas brings in the fashion of Red, Green and White, International Women’s Day observe Purple, White and Green as its theme colours. Jewellery in itself is a wonderful gift and combined with the choice of the right colours, it can make an even greater impact. Thomas Sabo Sterling Silver Collection contains great White and Purple coloured options. The Stainless-Steel Green Dial Golden Watch is a classy piece for the lovers of timepieces.


Make the Best Out of Every Occasion


Celebrations are a way to make life a bit happier amidst of many day to day struggles and troubles of the everyday life. Along with food, drinks and banter, some presents always make every celebration better. While we all try to find something different and unique for our loved ones, going conventional with jewellery may work better on cultural occasions like International Women’s Day. Many stores are flooded with exclusive design and intricate pieces of jewellery which are sure to bring your love, gratitude and appreciation for their struggles, sacrifices and efforts to the front. The jewellery looks beautiful and goes well for most occasions including parties, family events, college school and more. So, wait no more and indulge yourself in the pleasure of giving.


Match Exclusivity with Quality at Acotis Diamonds


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