Unlocking Masculinity: International Men’s Day Jewelry Trends

November 19th is celebrated as International Men’s Day worldwide. The aim of International Men’s Day is to acknowledge the positive male role models and to raise awareness about men’s issues. These include the topics like toxic masculinity, mental health and the prominence of male suicide. When it comes to the notion of toxic masculinity, there is a taboo that the society holds regarding men wearing jewellery.


However, there is nothing new about men wearing jewellery. If we dive into the history, ancient Egyptians wore gold, Roman senators wore gold chains. Thus, men have worn amulets, earrings, headdresses, necklaces, body piercings, rings, bangles, brooches and medallions, over the centuries. It is only in the recent civilizations; male jewellery has become a taboo.


But in the 21st century, the society has witnessed changes where people have seen men wearing designer jewellery while walking down the ramp. Many jewellery brands have realized that jewellery enhances their confidence and is redefining the term “masculinity”. Men today want to express their identity and be unique and jewellery is one medium to do so.


Brands like Thomas Sabo has come up with unique range of jewellery collections that let men express their personality. So, this International Men’s Day give the most important men in your life the ‘gift of expression’. Here are some jewellery collections by Thomas Sabo that you can explore:


Rebel at Heart



This is the gentlemen’s jewellery ling by THOMAS SABO Sterling Silver collection. Presented for the first time in 2007, this high-profile jewellery line is alluring for its statement jewellery for men with expressive motifs and masculine materials. The large and bold Rebel at Heart designs includes some of the most unique designs whether chain pendants in the form of skulls, crosses, snakes or dragons. This jewellery collection offers diverse items of jewellery in silver and black finish, like – pendants, chains, bracelets, cufflinks and rings. They can be combined with one another to create individual and personal styles.


Love Bridge


The Love Bridge range is more about personalisation and includes an array of bold bracelet designs with tiger’s eye stone and black obsidian beads with a blackened sterling silver arch – the bridge – with space for engravings. You can get life mottos, important dates, and names engraved. These bracelets for men real Rebel at Heart style with detailed mystical animals, falcons, skulls and feather designs that connect the two ends of the bracelet.


Utility Bracelets



Recently, Thomas Sabo introduced a wide selection of unisex leather and stainless-steel bracelet styles with decorated, magnetic clasp that unite two halves to create a stylish bracelet. The collection also includes bracelets with tough-luxe of the plaited leather, mixed with sophisticated clasps. The clasps make the bracelets real-cutting edge pieces that add style to both smart and casual outfits.


Watches for Men



The watches by Thomas Sabo are the major hit of Rebel at Heart Collection. Every season, the brand creates new sleek watches with classic stainless-steel bracelet or leather strap. The range includes watches and chronographic watches that express masculinity and modern style with special features like a dragon or a skull in the dial.


In the recent times, the jewellery industry is witnessing a cultural shift when it comes to men in jewellery. Brands like Thomas Sabo are coming up with designs that help men express their personality. The whole idea of men wearing jewellery is taking an uproar. It is redefining masculinity and it is not what it used to be 10 years ago. Men today want to be expressive and unique and jewellery is one way to be so. This helps them drive away from the concept of toxic masculinity that is still prevalent in the society.


Men’s Jewellery by Acotis Diamonds


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