As various cultures witnessed changes and the society became more aware, it was women who stood out. None of us can forget the historic date of March 8th, 1911, when the struggle for gender equality and anti-sexism commenced. We have come a long way since then. Women have managed to change several stereotypical notions pertaining professionalism, motherhood, marriage and individuality. However, there is a long journey that still needs to be covered and many ideologies that still need to be re-shaped. One such stereotype is about adorning jewellery. For years there has been a notion that wearing jewellery symbolises characters of submission, weakness and ingenuous in women across societies.


This blog is stimulation for us as a society to rephrase the notion about jewellery. There is no doubt that jewellery complements women. But, there is more to the jewellery than its look and its appearance when adorned by a woman. It speaks a language of its own and expresses a lot about the woman who wears it.



For instance, Bracelet of Submission would have lost its essence had it not been the Wonder Woman and the other Amazonian women who wore it while fighting for the good. There are many such jewellery examples. Some of them commemorate some of the most dynamic and strong women in the history like Cleopatra, the Queen of Nile.



There are other pieces like rings, earrings, necklaces and amulets that not only enhance a woman’s appearance but also create a strong statement about her personality. Here are some examples of it:


The Tree of Life Pendant


The Tree of Life pendant is associated with wisdom and knowledge. This pendant encourages to be focused on the quest for awareness, knowledge and wisdom. This pendant symbolizes the strength and stability in a woman. It guides, encourages and inspires them to break the ceiling and touch the sky.



Hand of Fatima


Hamsa or Hand of Fatima is a palm shaped amulet that is quite popular these days. It symbolises the five fingers and hand of God. It is a symbol of protection throughout the Islamic and biblical history and is now a noteworthy Talisman across the world.


Dragon Fly Earrings



Dragon fly is a symbol of maturity. It implies going past self-created illusions and look for deeper implications and aspects of life. An epitome of grace and elegance, the dragon fly is also associated with discovering one’s own abilities by unmasking the real self and removing the inhibitions that women cast on their own sense of personality.


Rope and Anchor Pendant


The nautical anchor signifies hope, steadfastness and salvation. As a part of a necklace it implies a woman’s state of tranquillity, stability and confidence. These characteristics for sure are the weapons of women who are working towards a greater change for not only their sisters but also for other voiceless and deprived genders.


Butterfly Charm



Being a woman is all about being dynamic. Women constantly change their subjective positioning according to situations in life and yet retain their individuality like a butterfly. This insect emerges from a dark cocoon and muses the world with its colourful wings and distinctive shapes.


Phoenix Charm



A phoenix is the symbol of death, transformation, and rebirth in its fire. A woman too, emerges from the fiery fire and societal pressure and amuses the world with the achievements no one saw coming. The mythological creature is the epitome of strength and renewal.


The connotation of jewellery is now changing. No more is it defined with weakness, but as a symbol of strength and courage that women show daily- the two qualities that help them turn the dream into reality.  There are several other jewellery pieces that enhance not only their physical beauty but also create a strong statement about their personalities.


Express through Jewellery


Jewellery is not just a styling accessory but also a mode of expression. While there are several stereotypical notions about jewellery, women are now working to counter and rationalize those stereotypes by flaunting some of the most expressive charms, pendants and accessories. As International Women’s Day approaches, purchase some of the best jewellery pieces.


Women’s Jewellery by Acotis Diamond


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