Savor the Sea: Trollbeads Summer 2020 Collection

Launched on June 5th, 2020, Trollbeads Summer 2020 Collection – Sunset at the Beach features a new limited edition glass kit, a lock, ring, and a decorative spacer. The collection is all about delightful colours that are reflecting the last sun rays of the day. It gives an essence of the sand between your toes and dance to the music of the ocean. Sunset at the Beach is all about getting a warm summer feeling as you look at the sunset by the beach.



The Sunset Breeze Kit


This Trollbeads kit is a limited edition kit that takes inspiration from the sea urchins and has a combination of bold summer colours and a couple of beach-inspired neutrals. When combined together you get reminiscent of the original Trollbeads caterpillar design. This kit includes Trollbeads of Sand, Trollbeads Breeze of Blue, Breeze of Green, Breeze of Rose, Breeze of Turquoise, and Breeze of White.



Mermaid on Fingers


The Trollbeads Mermaid Fantasy Ring is based on the recent trend for customizable rings. The twisted silver rod below the mermaid’s hand is designed to hold an additional bead of your choice. This implies the bead gets pinned between the fingers and the hand of the mermaid. It is a unique addition to your summer jewellery collection.


Conch Lock for the Bracelet


The bracelet has Conch Lock that is a focal piece of the jewellery piece. It is a versatile accessory that can be used as a clasp in both bracelets and even necklaces. It can be even worn at the front or side of the neck, making it an eye-catching feature piece.           



The Dolphin Spacer


This is the final element of this brand new collection. It is a great addition to the bangle collection. The Dolphin design is popular and is a take on the plain and dull spacers. The elegant and realistic design of this spacer is an attempt to bring the aquatic life into your jewellery collection – a perfect way to refresh you and the jewellery!


So far it is understood that Sunset at the Beach collection by Trollbeads includes charms that remind you of the last walk you took by the beach soaking in the hues of the sunset and refreshing self after a tedious day. The components of this collection are all beach and sea themed and are sure to upgrade your jewellery collection.


Why Trust Trollbeads when Purchasing Jewellery?


Founded in 1976, Trollbeads Jewellery has grown into an exquisite set of personalised jewellery including bracelets, charms and beads, bangles, and more. Every glass bead is fashioned by craftsmen at Trollbeads with innovative technologies and materials. Every collection launched has vibrant colours unique to the brand. The Sunset by the Beach collection is a classic example of the same.


Where to buy a thoughtful range of expressive jewellery?


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