The world today is going through a critical situation where we are stuck at homes, the work has slowed down and the virus is spreading. An alarming state of Pandemic! There is no doubt that we are stuck in a scenario where gloom seems inevitable and the brightness has become a long lost thought. However, it is important to stay in alignment with positivity and not lose hope.



In this time of difficulty, Trollbeads brings to you a bead of hope which is sure to bring you out of the mellowness created by COVID-19 with its vibrant colours. Launched on May 20th, 2020, Together Apart is a brand-new glass bead and bracelet that is supporting NHS Charities Together. COVID has changed all the aspects of our lives. People are facing challenges and unprecedented circumstances. Together Apart is a reminder that VIBGYOR appears only after the struggle caused by storms.


Drawing the Rainbow of Hope


Rainbow is one of the most beautiful spectacles that nature has to offer. The seven colour magic symbolizes peace and serenity, the same feeling that evokes when you look at the rainbow. A rainbow is a motivation that can help us to endure through such dark times. It is often connoted as a carrier of good fortune.  This bead by Trollbeads carries the message, “We will get through this together.” This is a round Italian glass bead featuring watery rainbow base design with two clouds with grey outline on the surface.



This limited edition bead is a sign of hope and belief and can be adorned as your personal symbol of hope, helping the cause of helplessness in the times of COVID-19. This bead is designed to connect us as a community though we are isolated at home. You can avail this bead with bracelet and lock.


Revive the Long Lost Hope


It is about to challenge these challenging times with the power of the rainbow. Trollbeads has partnered with NHS Charities Together and come up with this vibrant bead. NHS is a platform for nationwide fundraising and advocacy campaigns. This glass Trollbeads launched under COVID-19 Urgent Appeal in collaboration with NHS Charities Together. The money from each Together Apart bead and bracelet will be donated to the staff, volunteers, and patients impacted by COVID-19 across the country. This is a limited edition release, rare and unique beads released in small quantities.


Why Trust Trollbeads When Purchasing Jewellery?


Founded in 1976, Trollbeads Jewellery has grown into an exquisite set of personalised jewellery including bracelets, charms and beads, bangles, and more. Every glass bead is fashioned by craftsmen at Trollbeads with innovative technologies and materials. Every collection launched has vibrant colours unique to the brand.


Where to buy a thoughtful range of expressive Jewellery?


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