5 Stunning Bracelet Designs for Modern Women

Bracelets are not just another type of wristwear. These chic fashion accessories that can make or break the impression you want to create with your wardrobe. Often regarded the ideal accessory that borrows the best features from wristwatches, cuffs and bangles, bracelets can be the most impressive ornament to wear at an event or a fashion accessory that completes the look. There is more to bracelets than their sparkling presence. They are available in a variety of designs, patterns, and come with infinite material and finishing choices. The chain itself can take so many forms—beaded, mesh, snake, Byzantine, Venetian, rope, cable or wheat type. When choosing the right bracelet, a woman should have more-than-basic information about what is trending and styles that are eternal classics. Let us take a look at 5 types of bracelets that should make sense to every contemporary woman… Trendy Leather Bracelets: Humble Fashion Accessories for Layering Leather bracelets are the most sensible alternatives to metal bracelets if you want less of the bling and more natural tones in your wardrobe. The right leather bracelet can also be about adding more layers of elegance and can transform your look. There can be something very unconventional and edgy about the aesthetics of a leather bracelet. Some have the most unique patterns of beads or color combinations. Leather bracelets are lightweight unlike slightly heavier metallic bracelets. They seem to have more workplace acceptance than big, blingy bracelets. Now available in a number of colours, from black, brown, and grey to pink, red, and turquoise, leather bracelets can be about subtle elegance or announcing your style. They come in various textures and materials and many times, they are worn in conjunction with other bracelet designs or watches to create a more layered look. Uniquely Designed Charm Bracelets Charm jewellery continues to trend and the only big change visible is the plethora of options now available. Charm bracelets are a good example of contemporary jewellery getting more creative, less predictable. Such charms can be worn as the most important, standalone accessory or in-sync with other charm jewellery, ranging from necklaces to earrings. Comprising of a chain and a dangling charm, bracelets add a new dimension to the conventional idea of a bracelet. You have so many options including the chain of the bracelet which can be in silver, gold, or even stainless steel finish. The presence of a charm jewellery adds a touch of fun to the overall look. There are so many options, whether you want charm bracelets with grandeur or petite creations. Luxury options in this segment include bracelets that use gemstones or precious metals. Many people also choose an alphabet charm bead in gold or silver material to add something very individualistic to the persona. Additionally, charms can also be personalized and sport the wearer’s favourite quotes or phrases—these can be great, customized gifting options! Traditional Chain Bracelets Anyone who says that the romance with classic jewellery is fading away probably has not seen the entire range of chain bracelets that have trended over the last, few decades. The conclusion is simple—chain bracelets are here to say despite some fashion experts opining that they can be loud and tend to offset the entire look. Contrastingly, there are dedicated chain bracelet wearers who vouch that these are the most elegant type of fashion accessories. This is about personal choices. The chain bracelet can have an in-your-face attitude or it can be quietly layered with other bracelets or wristwear options. There are so many finishing and material choices, ranging from silver, gold, and metal to other materials that make the bracelet more durable and fashionable. This is perhaps the easiest piece of jewellery to own. It does not need fitting or piercing. There is little guessing about the sizing and when worn correctly, chain bracelets can add panache to any outfit! Exquisite Pearl Bracelets Pearl jewellery has always been in vogue, be it a pearl necklace or pearl earrings. Pearl bracelets too are a constant favourite with women. They are relevant for the sleek and traditional look. Depending upon the size of the pearls and the bracelet materials, the appearance can be very eclectic or a bit more subdued. However, pearl bracelets are largely interpreted as being a fashionable choice, perhaps more relevant for a date night or evening party rather than the workplace. They come in so many colours these days and with such a price range that you can easily groom a collection. You can wear these as standalone fashion accessories. There is a pearl bracelet for every skin tone, whether you prefer cool, warm or neutral hues. Yes, these are a somewhat traditional choice but they have never really been out of the popularity zone. You can rock them with a cocktail dress or denims! Special Edition Bracelets When you want a special gift for someone or you want to buy yourself a present for acing that business meeting or having excelled at university exams, you need bracelets that have something more than just beautiful materials or designs. Special edition bracelets are the ideal option for such occasions. These may not be uniquely designed to the extent that they stand apart but invariably, special edition jewellery has more recall value. You can bond them with special moments in your life easily. Many jewellery brands offer special editions for different seasons or occasions, most of them around the festival or holiday season and many of these creations are not repeated. One such offering is the Vine of Dream bracelet offered by Trollbeads. This special edition jewellery is styled with an abundance of hearts and flowers swirling into each other with an exquisite blend of spirituality and imagination! Why to trust Trollbeads while shopping for Summer Jewellery? Being in the business of creating boutique jewellery pieces for more than four decades makes Trollbeads a category specialist. Today, it has grown into a worldwide phenomenon with many never-attempted-before designs. The jewellery store creates charms and has an adorable beads collection. Explore an expanding inventory of personalized bracelets, necklaces, bangles, and more at Trollbeads. Where will you find a genuine collection of exquisite bracelets? Bracelets are one of the most stylish jewellery pieces that can embellish the wrists and accentuate your overall appearance. However, you need to be careful about what you buy—there are too many choices with abundant patterns, styles, designs, and colours. You can shop for beautiful bracelets and other jewellery essentials at Acotis Diamonds. The online store deals in a wide collection of bracelets procured from the best brands. Expect only genuine merchandise from all the renowned brands across the world!