Elevate Your Style with Thomas Sabo Watches

Gordon Bethune once said that “watches are the only jewellery men can wear unless you're Mr. T.” He was so apt! The niche of men’s accessories underlines this truth. Men cannot war real jewellery if they are dressing-up for a party or the workplace. The watch is the first thing that comes to our mind when we think of gracefully designed men’s jewellery. From hotshot celebrities to stylish business tycoons, each person who walks the red carpet has been spotted wearing a wrist watch that is bespoke and oozes style. Some watches can blend the dynamics of a bracelet and women’s jewellery. A growing collection of carefully selected watches can help you redefine your style without bothering too much about what the fashion gurus are preaching this season. However, wristwear has many dynamics to it and some of these are seldom understood. In this discussion, we are helping you how to go about accessorizing better with wristwatches and how to choose stylish watches…
  1. Dress Watch – Less is More!
With thousands of options out there, picking the right one can be daunting. But, if you are specifically looking for a watch that adds elegance to most outfits then opt for a Dress Watch. For someone who has a great social life or who is busy with formal meetings, this watch can boost the well-groomed look. Dress watches are known for being stylish and adding sleek style to even casual outfits. Now, we know how Tom Cruise manages to look such well-dressed when stepping in the courtroom or working as a secret services agent who takes pride in dressing sharply. Yes, you don’t want to wear this watch to the gym or when beach-vacationing, but otherwise it has you covered pretty much in every other place!
  1. Vintage Watch – not just an accessory, a watch with a STORY!
This category is the most flattering if you take pride in owning fashion accessories that are definite conversation-starters. A vintage watch is not retro-inspired but instead, retains nearly all of the angles and cuts that defined the original, an era ago. The graceful silhouette is sustained in such watches. Owning a vintage watch is like investing in an acquired taste that cannot be reasoned with or taught. Vintage watches have a story to tell. Yes, this is about ostentatious extravagance and it comes at a serious price. When worn with semi-formals or suits, vintage watches are about swag, sporting a style that is always in-vogue!
  1. Subtle Watches – NOT 50 Shades of Grey!
Some men believe that colours are not kind to them. They don’t like to dress-up in too many vibrant shades. For such men, there are plenty of not-so-colourful options too. We know for sure that grey is not just another color. It is almost like a lifestyle choice. From furniture and office chairs or cars in sleek grey to leather shoes with different hues of grey as the patina, some men love the sober, laidback elegance. Grey is ideal for folks who like subtle accessorizing without giving-up on the idea of dressing-up for the day. Grey lends more elegance and now, you have so many luxury watches in various shades that you can groom a personal collection of different grey-coloured watches in varying intensity of color/hues for different events.
  1. Bi-metal Watch – Everlasting Class
Most people love the detailing of a metal watch and bi-metal is like adding a little, extra touch of ‘amazing’. For those who think that bi-metals were a fashion favourite in the 80s should realize that it is back and here to stay. Bi-Metal Watches have strong corporate-office vibes, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It works, and not just because David Beckham proved it’s a timepiece capable of being worn with everything from a denim shirt to a suit!
  1. Black Watch – A flair for the Spectacular
Ian Fleming once quoted that ‘a gentleman’s choice of timepieces says as much as does a luxury suit. This couldn’t be truer! For all the black swans out there, who want to flaunt their prestigious legacy, a black watch can be the missing piece in your wardrobe ensemble. Wear these watches to a formal occasion, official meeting and at special dates—you are going to look spectacular without failing!

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