Unleash Your Style with the Thomas Sabo Rita Ora SS20 Collection

Personifying the beauty of life in all its glory, the Thomas Sabo with Rita Ora collection is here to dazzle the Spring and Summer of 2020. Emphasising bold colours and glimmering metals, the collection features a myriad of designs fashioned to accentuate the wonders and liveliness that springtime comes draped in. With refreshing hues from the rainbow and cascades of pastels, the new Thomas Sabo x Rita Ora line sees an avalanche of charming jewellery curated for both, him and her.



“With my Thomas Sabo campaign I want to empower women to experience the magical boost of jewellery but also give inspiration for authentic, vibrant looks.”


‘The Magic of Jewellery’ campaign is a spin-off on the mystical theme that hit the stores under the Thomas Sabo autumn/winter 2019 collection. This spring/summer line adds a nature-inspired twist to it, with different animals, insects and synthetic coloured gems, all tying together to symbolise the perfect world with all its imperfections and the magic life brings.


The Thomas Sabo Magic Cat Effect



“The new SS20 campaign images have a very natural, soft, sunny and dreamy look and feel…”


Amongst magnitudes of magical jewellery, the new collection reflects the bold and self-confident statement Rita Ora exudes. In continuation to the proud cat motifs and patterns that have become an important meaningful part of Thomas Sabo, the SS20 collection observes more of the house-animal. The jewels are set in classic silvers and popping yellow golds to draw every eye to them. Along with rings, pendants, earrings and tiger-cat beads keeping the ancient Egyptian deity in focus, this golden charm pendant with beautiful crescent moons and stars adorning it, is sure to take your breath away.


Feathered Creations by Thomas Sabo



“Spring awakening creates the desire for something new. Have the courage to be yourself. A style is perfect when it perfectly matches your look.”


Trust the power of the wings and fly high with charming hummingbirds, dragonflies, butterflies, bees and other winged creatures, waiting to create a medley of nature-inspired ambience in your jewellery box. This collection of enchanted designs is a complete devotion to spring and the faith of life it carries along with it. Inspired by the soaring birds and insects, these quirky designs are laden with a fresh summer feel and will bring a delicate hint to any outfit. Studded dragonfly pendant charms, rustic feather earrings, karma beads with symbolic trees and colourful butterfly rings will leave anyone awe-struck with their elegance.


Thomas Sabo Magic Stones & Pearls



“Thomas Sabo jewellery makes you shine. It exudes confidence and is iconic. And it is still so easy to wear – for me anyway”


Stone, whether in the classic form of coloured in synthetic bolds, exude a mystical magic of their own. Faceted individually by hand, different stones hold the ability to highlight your personality with a flair of style. With elaborate cuts and a precious outlook, the masterpieces redefine luxury in a classy way, incorporating jewellery designs with a mystical depth. Along with stones, large single pearls hanging on sophisticated earrings will definitely give your attire a royal touch. Earrings, rings, anklets and numerous other piece of jewellery are studded with vibrant colours and pastel shades such as this exotic pink facet charm pendant.


Magical Garden by Thomas Sabo



“The new jewellery trends are sparkling, feminine and inspired by the magic of a summer’s garden.”


Golden and Silver leaves along with nectarous fruits compose an original medley of designs from your very own magical garden. Carefully fashioned leafy necklaces will accompany classy evening dresses with stone-studded leaf earrings to complete the look. A hug variety of differently styled leaved rings and dangling earrings in a sophisticated style will surely accompany not only your casual look, but an elegant formal demeanour as well. Alongside the minimal leaf designs, quirky fruit shaped pendants topped with colourful stones will give you a charming appeal and make heads turn wherever you go.


Thomas Sabo Kaleidoscopic Designs



“I really do love the feminine side of jewellery. My go-to choice for a glamorous outfit is stars, glitz and shine!”


Apart from all the inspiration extracted from the surrounding natures, the Thomas Sabo x Rita Ora collection delivers some aesthetic, minimal and abstract designs with a chic touch for every outfit and every occasion. With flowing curves and circular forms, golden earrings, beautiful bracelets and necklaces promise a classy look wherever you wear them. Karma beads with a royal crown, dreamcatcher pendants and beautifully designed amulet pendants are just a handful of the enchanting collection for spring/summer this year!


Majestic Collections by Thomas Sabo



The diverse Thomas Sabo Collections, including an assortment of widely inspired jewellery designs for both women and men. From minimal jewellery to filigree designs, bright colours to pastel shades, the brand offers a complete range of distinctive pieces to complement any style and personality. Rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and watches that are perfectly curated to make the perfect customised combinations delightful contrasts. Blending deep symbolism with a graceful flair create a tasteful amalgamation of jewellery.


Slay the Thomas Sabo Collection with Acotis Diamonds


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