Unveiling the Charismatic Thomas Sabo Rita Ora Collection

Jewellery, bags, shoes, clothes or even food trends are all inspired by what celebrities carry, wear or eat. Millennial era borrows fashion statements and life trends from popular items in the world of music or film industry and to state the fact, these industries are always on top in creating a strong foothold in any of the sectors.





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Making sure that you are right on track with the latest trends and styles that are popular among the stars is the easiest way to turn up your personal styling game up a notch. While there are many brands and designers who offer an exclusive range of jewellery, each inspired or endorsed by one celebrity or another, one has to say that Thomas Sabo has something very different and unique in the most unimaginable way. Along festival themed jewellery and collections like Goth and oxidize, Thomas Sabo has an exquisite range with Rita Ora as its ambassador. Nothing can beat the musician-cum-actress when it comes to unconventional statement jewellery and awe-inspiring runway trends.


Make Magic Star Necklaces the Star of the Show


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In the pursuit of being unique, the very first thing one must do is accept and flaunt the basics in their own personal style. In the times of septum piercings, oxidized toe rings and multiple middy finger rings, there are very few who can rock the show with the plain old necklaces. After all, it’s not every day that you find a unique out of crowd, state of art kind of necklace. Rita Ora collection from Thomas Sabo has something that will make everyone go week in the knees. Try and add the magic star necklace or the paradise gold multi star necklace from Thomas Sabo and mix the conventional types with the unconventional themes.


Travel the Kingdom of Dreams with Star Earrings


thomas sabo - rita ora collection - star earrings - dangling earrings - hoop and drop earrings


Found your sole pendant and now need a pair of ear rings to match with it? Wander no more when you have Thomas Sabo at your disposal. From embellished gold tones to sterling silvers, there is such an abundance of styles, materials and colours that one can go bonkers with the details and still would come out as an exceptional fashion forward being. Choose the simple yet elegant hoop ear rings or the quirky Riviera Colours dangling ear rings, both are going to complement your personal style in a way nothing else can.


Allure with Extra Special Charms


thomas sabo - rita ora collection - ready to wear jewellery - office wear - everyday wear - pendants and charms


Finding ready-to-wear jewellery in a store which is exactly your kind is very joyous indeed but making something on your own with care and precision brings in the happiness of yet another level which exceeds all joys in the world. Get yourself to be as happy as they get by making something fabulous using the gorgeous charms that are available at your disposal from Thomas Sabo. From the delicate ones to the daring ones, there is a line of products for you to choose from and whip up something which is unique to your own style. Use the yellow gold sun charm or something like African mask sun charm and get on with that DIY magic.


Why Thomas Sabo?


Jewellery could be your lifelong friend if bought after putting a bit of thought and care. Among the countless designers and stores offering charismatic designs and types of jewellery, strive to find something which matches your inner self but also speaks the language of authenticity. Thomas Sabo is one of those few designers that are constantly working towards creating beautiful and unique designs to satisfy the personal choice of millions of jewellery lovers out there. With a promise of 100% genuineness, Thomas Sabo presents collections for every occasion and mood of the time.


Acotis for Enchanting Jewellery Collections


There is an abundance of online stores which with an alluring collection for Distinctive Jewellery, but authenticity is a benchmark that one should live by. Jewellery is a lifetime companion which is always versatile enough to be styled for various occasions or for normal day outfits. But it should also be bought from someone who lies within your trusted circle and offers authenticity above everything else. Acotis Diamonds is one such store preferred for the customers with love of beautiful thematic jewellery. Find amazing pieces, handpicked from many more globally renowned brands in the domain like Thomas Sabo with enthralling collection and quality that stays with you for a life time.