Unleash Your Rebel Spirit with Thomas Sabo Rebel Collection

Fashion and trends are subject to evolution over time as much as anything else. The constantly changing industry always brings in something fabulous and exceptional that suits the ongoing trend and the personality of the generation in focus. The same is the case with this new collection from Thomas Sabo, crafted for the rebellious hearts with unconventional designs and style. The new Rebel collection of the brand is the key to every Goth lover’s closet as it sparks the ideals and the personal preferences of the ones who are rebels without a cause.


When you have a taste that is on a completely different plane, it is rather difficult to find something completely complements your style and do justice with your personality as well. Keeping the surfacing trends in line with the designs, the pieces from Rebel collection are not only good for the ones with the love of Goth and oxidized eccentric designs, but also for people who prefer a bohemian touch to their outfits. Styling options are never-ending with a style that never gets old.


Starting from the Beginning: Vintage Rebel



With a touch of the antique, the Vintage Rebel collection is made to be on par with both the insubordinate style of yours along with the love for classic designs that you have had for ever. Every piece in the collection is perfect to be varied by both men and women without apprehensions and style in a personal way. The designs from this collection include everything from pendants to rings, bracelets, and chains as well. Some of the exceptional designs include skull, cross and wings pendants along with a combo design with up to 3 pendants hanging on a single chain. Capturing the spirit of the wild past is the aim here. If you are someone with a knack for layering jewellery, then the triple pendant necklace should be your go to choice. Although for the ones who like a bit of all in their outfit, Thomas Sabo Compass rings are the ideal pick for you to pair with some bracelets and chains.


Cats and More: Rebel Tiger



A rebellious collection will never be complete without introducing the most eccentric element of all. This is where the Rebel Tiger collection comes in. Featuring every kind of wild cat known to mankind, the pieces included in the collection contains both extravagant and simplistic designs to suit the needs and style of both kinds of people. Along with pendants and bracelets featuring tiger face and cats, there are beads and necklaces featuring lion face on both gold and silver elements. Not only the Goth lovers but animal lovers also get their zing from the pieces in this set. Choose the Black Cat leather strap bracelet if you want to flaunt your passion but stay on the minimal side at the same time and pair up a few of these beauties together to impose an endearing vibe.


Take a Flight with the Rebel Bird



Breaking away from the general conception of the rebel spirit, the Rebel Bird collection combines feminine charm with eccentricity making it perfect for both men and women. The collection walks away from the conventional belief of paring unconventional jewellery with the casual or boho themed outfit and offers a chance to flaunt your personal style in all kinds of events with almost every theme. Tagging the flamingo pendant with an evening date night dress on your bracelet or flaunting a falcon ring will not only get amplify the appeal of the dress but will also give you the satisfaction of keeping true to your style.


Be Your Own Ruler: Rebel Kingdom



Last but not the least, the Rebel Kingdom collection is here to feed the ruling spirit inside of you with exemplary pieces and designs. Well aware of the undying and immoveable spirit of the ones who break away from the conventions in any form, the designers have opted for the most apt designs suitable for ones who rule themselves. From crown rings to royalty orbs, a skull king and queen bead, this line does not lack anything that should be included. Choose from the unending options available onsite that feature designs that are the epitome of style and the wild spirit.


Thomas Sabo: For the Basic and For the Not-So-Basic


Thomas Sabo is one of those few designers that are constantly striving towards creating a beautiful and unique design to satisfy the personal choice of millions of jewellery lovers out there. Not only that the creativity never stops, but the designs are made with extreme intricacy so that complete justice is done the wearer. The Rebel Collection is just one of the many collections that are designed to capture and mirror your spirit. With a promise of 100% genuineness, Thomas Sabo presents collections for every occasion and mood of the time.


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