Rekindle Childhood Magic with Themed Jewellery

No matter how happening or interesting adult life is, childhood remains the best time of our lives. The delights you get while eating different kinds of candies and jellies, running around the house, waking up early on Christmas morning being all excited about the gifts- there are so many pleasures of childhood that one can never get enough of. While it is very evident that the busy, fast-pacing adult life does not leave any scope to revisit those joys of childhood, but it is always possible to find something or other that brings back the memories and lets us travel the nostalgia lane once again.





Just like finding an old toy in your storage box will have you time travel to the era when you used to stick to the television so watch the latest episodes of Loony Toons, Winnie The Pooh or the newly released Disney princess movie, owning a collectible from that era will bring back the same memories in a magnified form. Beautiful collectibles and jewellery inspired from your favourite childhood cartoon characters are the perfect way to flaunt your fashion statement while keeping the memories of those precious times close to your heart. From princess Leia sculpture to Mickey and Minnie inspires jewellery, there is an abundance of themed collections for you to satisfy the inner child in yourself with style.


Revisit the Delights of Disney



Disney has been constantly releasing wonderful cartoon characters starting from the iconic Mickey Mouse. Every child would love to love to have a bracelet with a mickey mouse ears charm hanging on it. Swarovski has an exclusive collection of the same for all Disney lovers out there. It features intricate designs of bracelets featuring beautiful little Mickey and Minnie charms. Choose from an enthralling collection of silver and gold plated bracelets to elevate your own jewellery collection or to present the to your young ones as holiday or birthday gifts or get a Minnie show ornament for your Christmas tree.


Unleash Your Inner Nerd with ‘The Force’: Star War Collectibles



No Star Wars fan will ever deny a glorious crystal sculpture of Yoda as a present for an occasion or for no occasion at all. Swarovski knows that for a fact and that’s why they left no margin in designing wonderful crystal sculptures of literally every single character from the series. Be it princess Leia in her signature all-white dress or the ever-loved pair of C3PO and R2-D2, there is an abundance of finely crafted sculptures for every fan out there. For the lovers of dark side, a pitch back statue of Darth Vader along with his Strom Troopers is there. The options are so whimsical and enthralling that you would consider gifting one or two to yourself instead of your fellow fans and friends.


Disney Princess Inspired Adornments and Jewellery



Remember those fights and arguments with your girl friends about who gets to be Snowhite and who get s to be Belle? Those were the times when imagination ran wild and dreams sore high in the sky even though getting to be your favourite Disney princess was rarer than getting your hands on the lucky draw prize. With the exclusive collection of Disney princess sculptures, jewellery and ornaments, being your favourite character will be possible every time now. Make the Frozen inspired Snowflake ornament your personal adornment on this year’s Christmas tree or get yourself the enchanted rose along with a Snowhite sculpture. Why choose just one princess when you can be two?


Let Woody be a Hero Again: Toy Story Collectibles



Rivals turned best friends has been the favourite concept of most movies and shows and one of those all-time favourite movies is Toy Story. Who doesn’t love the funky pair of Buzz Lightyear and Woody? Recreate the shows and plays of your childhood again with a shiny crystal Woody sculpture. The finely carved figurine is on par with the live action toy figurine with every inch detailed exactly like it should be.


Made to Last Forever Like Memories


Jewellery is believed to be the best friend of the owner- a bond that lasts forever if taken care of properly. And same is the case with memories. While nostalgia can hit anytime, any day, it is always better to have something in your possession with which you can connect emotionally. And if that emotional bond is created with a glorious crystal sculpture, a beautiful bracelet, or tinkling ornament- all the better. These beautiful pieces are carved with love and care with the same feeling of nostalgia in mind. Made to last forever, nostalgia will never hit the low road with a fantastic collectible in hand.


Find Exclusivity at Acotis Diamonds


Experimenting with style should not mean compromising on quality and authenticity at any point. As precious as the sweet memories of childhood, the beautiful jewellery pieces, ornaments and collectible sculpture will occupy a place in your heart which can never be reclaimed by anything else. There is array of online stores with a compelling collection for Animation and Kids themed jewellery, adornments etc., but authenticity is a benchmark that one should live by. Acotis Diamonds is one such store preferred for the customers with love of beautiful thematic jewellery. Find amazing piece handpicked from globally renowned brands in the domain such as Swarovski, D for Diamonds, Beginnings, Thomas Sabo, etc.