Unleash Your Style with Thomas Sabo's Statement Rings

Fashion is that part of life which keeps changing rapidly but remain a constant throughout. Along with following the style of popular celebrities, fashion has been used to define the personal style of a being for a long time now. While clothes may help you say a lot about your innate style and sense, jewellery choices remain on the top of the list. The conventional has always been easily available and an easily styled option. The real work is to find the perfect uncommon piece of jewellery to match with the vibrant colours of the souls of all the unique personalities out there. One such place to find something away from the mainstream for every mood, style and occasion is Thomas Sabo.


There is Something Special About Charms



Loved and adored by all but known by a few, charms are lucky, pretty and unique to your personality. Can’t decide on a good gift for your loved ones? Why not gift them a beautiful charm of their birthstone? Thomas Sabo designs include charms crafted according to every single month of the year. If you have a friend’s birthday clashing with Halloween, then there can be nothing better than a sliver skull disk charm to gift them. The hanging sloth charm for the lazy one in the group, the wiggling golden snake charm for the fashion queen, or a tree charm symbolising love, Thomas Sabo has taken care of every occasion and every detail with an astonishing quality to accompany the diversity of the collection.


Enjoy A Lifetime of Beauty with the Sterling Silver Collection



Combining purity, quality and unconventionality in one, the sterling silver collection from Thomas Sabo has all that a heart desire. Known for its beauty and strength, a piece from this collection lasts a lifetime being the iconic symbol of your style and passion. From small stud ear rings to huge statement ear rings, this collection offers something for every style and choice without having to comprise with anything. The royalty cross black stud ear rings are the soul style for the goth lovers and the Kingdom of Dreams Star and Moon take your love for the mystic to another level. Bring the bling from the 70s back to the frontlines with gorgeous multicoloured scarab ear rings or let your dark side shine with Thomas Sabo Black Magic drop ear rings. Unconformity has never been this easy to get your hands on and style.


Big Rings = Big Things



Ranging back to ancient Egypt- the very first designers, rings are believed to symbolise love, strength and eternity. The tradition of wearing engagement or promise rings on the fourth finger of the left hand was also started by Greeks and Romans. Popular for the strong material and beautiful construction, rings could be the best way to say your things in a subtle yet substantial way. Easy to carry gold bands or the heavy statement rings, they all speak a language native to the owner. For the one with extravagant and an antique style, the Black Cat Signet ring or the Octagonal Compass ring are some very quirky options. Whereas, the black stone stacking ring or the Zirconia eternity ring makes the perfect gift for the loves of your life. Rings are universally loved, and one can never go wrong while choosing a ring as a gift for someone.


Turn the Basic Upside Down- Idiosyncratic Necklaces



Minimalistic and basic necklaces have been the star of the hour for a very long time. And why wouldn’t that be the case? Thin chains with small pendants look phenomenal while putting less to none weight on the delicate necks. Although, even the simplest and the most minimalist human being desire something distinctive in her/his collection. This is where the statement necklaces with unusual patterns shine. Thomas Sabo brings a bit of everything for the jewellery enthusiast- Belcher Chain necklace for the simplistic, meditation beaded necklaces to satisfy the need for something different, velvet chokers for the millennials, etc. Name the style and you are sure to find something or other of the sort which completely matches your spirt animal.


Why Thomas Sabo?


Along with a window to your soul and heart, jewellery could be your life long friend if bought after putting a bit of thought and care. There are countless platforms, designers and manufactures with an abundance of designs and material ready for your but authenticity and quality should top your list of attributes right beside ‘perfect design’. Thomas Sabo is one of those few designers that are constantly striving towards creating a beautiful and unique design to satisfy the personal choice of millions of jewellery lovers out there. With a promise of 100% genuineness, Thomas Sabo presents collections for every occasion and mood of the time.


Acotis Diamonds for Captivating Jewellery Collections


Jewellery is a lifetime companion which is versatile enough to be styled for various occasions or for normal day outfits. There is an abundance of online stores which with an alluring collection for Distinctive Jewellery, but authenticity is a benchmark that one should live by. Acotis Diamonds is one such store preferred for the customers with love of beautiful thematic jewellery. Find amazing pieces, handpicked from many more globally renowned brands in the domain like Thomas Sabo with enthralling collection and quality that stays with you for a life time.