5 Captivating Charms to Elevate Your Charm Jewellery Collection

Since centuries, jewellery has been an integral part of the women’s styling regimen. Jewellery made of bones, feathers, shells and coloured pebbles. Nowadays, people prefer to wear their signature style jewellery; a piece of jewellery that signifies their unique personality. In the pre-historic period, people wore charms as amulets to avoid bad luck. In ancient Egypt, charms were a symbol of luck. And, in the medieval period, charms were worn by knights for protection. Jewellery designs can be personalized by adding elegant charms to bracelets and chains. Here are 5 charm jewellery styles that you can add to your collection. Animal Charm Showcase your love for animals with Animal Charm pendants! This collection of charms is very cute that it melts your heart. There is a wide range of animal charms available online, from crazy cat ladies charm, dog charms, penguin charm, teddy bear charm, rubber duck charm, and elephant charm to unicorn charms and owl charms. Unicorn charms are the most favourite out of all. Animal charms represent dreams and are available in a wide collection, from an elegant cut-out design to ultra-detailed 3D version. Zodiac Charms Zodiac charms take personalization to next level and are a perfect choice for people who think star signs determine their fate and influence their personality traits. From a vintage coin look charm to a zirconia pave star charm, zodiac charms are available in several styles. These charms look amazing when mixed and matched with birthstone charms offers an amazing look. They can be worn on a necklace or bracelet. Good Luck Charms Good luck charm is said to bring good luck to the wearer. A good luck charm is said to cheer the wearer when in need of a positive thought. Cloverleaf charm, horse shoe charm, ladybird, and heart charm make for the ultimate goof luck charm. You can also hang them in your bracelet or chain with your lucky number. Good luck charms also make for a perfect gift option. Letter Charms If there is anything, that can best describe your unique personality, then it is letter charms. Letter charms are unique and are said to be both, timeless and trendy. These charms never lose their appeal and are truly extraordinary. You can have your personalized charm jewellery with a letter charm of your name’s initial or you can also create meaningful words with them. Letter charms are ideal to be worn with bracelets and chains. You can choose between gold, silver, and other materials, one that perfectly matches your wardrobe. Country and City Charms This range of charms is specially designed for people who love traveling and explore new adventures! City and country charms are a perfect way to collect souvenirs of the fantastic places you have travelled with an element of glam. This collection of charms includes country and icons, flags, and their initials. You can wear them on a bracelet or chain. In addition, you can also mix and match these charms with letter charms, signifying the initials of the name of the city or country. Where to find the best collection of Charm Jewellery? There is something special about charm jewellery! A precious gemstone and statement collar may come and go, but a personalized piece of jewellery always stays with you. If you are looking for the best platform to buy charm jewellery, then Acotis Diamond is the right platform for you. The online platform offers the finest collection of authentic charms that you can use for different styles of jewellery. Acotis Diamonds is the one-stop shop for charms with a promise of premium quality at the best prices. Why trust Thomas Sabo for charm jewellery? Thomas Sabo’s collection features a stunning range of charms and charm jewellery. Being a versatile brand, Thomas Sabo offers trendsetting designs of jewellery for both, men and women. Redefining glamour, the brand creates exquisite jewellery pieces for wrists and necklines. All the jewellery pieces offered by the brand are uniquely designed.