**Eco-Chic: Sustainable Jewellery Pieces for the New Normal**

The noble coronavirus brought along some unexpected shifts in the world economy and consumer behaviour. With various restrictions, like social-distancing and quarantine, rooted with the global pandemic, there’s been a surge in demand for household and athleisure items. It has become a new normal sight of watching people nailing a chic top with sweatpants look while attending their office meetings and online classes.

With the new everyday world, things, especially in the fashion industry, have experienced a paradigm shift. Individuals are opting for sustainable jewellery pieces that offer a fine and elegant appearance. As more and more people are staying home and exploring the online shopping sites, they are opting for unnatural jewellery pieces that are light in weight and don’t go overboard with their not-so-groomed appearance.

As people around the world have started to realise the impact of global climate change, they are looking for more sustainable and more naturally fashioned jewellery pieces. Fashionistas are ditching expensive diamonds, stones and gemstones and opting for subtle silver and platinum. The designs are getting modest and refined as things are getting more impersonal.

Being Experimental…..

Just because things are getting digital and you’re not physically meeting others, that doesn’t mean you’ve to compromise on your look. Even while sitting at home, you can look stunning and create a statement look that blends perfectly with your minimalistic appearance. Ditching your regular bling and dazzling jewellery pieces is just fine. Try experimenting with colours, wear bright aquamarine loop earrings with a pink chiffon shirt or wear a sterling silver cuff bracelet with your formal shirt. Adding just the right amount of accessory will offer you an exquisite look while you’re on a Zoom call.

Men’s jewellery is an understated piece of fashion, but there have plenty of options available for men to look ever dashing and dapper even while staying at home. If you’re a working man looking to accessorize yourself for your official meeting, you can wear a metal bracelet or can add a pair of customised cufflinks to your otherwise boring formal shirt. You can also wear a platinum or tungsten ring that will add a layer of attractiveness to your style without taking away your masculine charm. Leather is one piece of fabric or material that can never disappoint you. No matter you’re working in a formal setting or a casual environment, leather accessories or jewellery items are the go-to options for creating a statement look.

Some New Designs…..

COVID-19 has given birth to a world where everything is getting digital or virtual. The technology has become so advanced that if you want to try any jewellery piece, you can sign up for a 3D trial. Fascinating much, right?

It has also observed that a lot of people are looking for designs or jewellery pieces that can bring a sense of positivity in their lives. A lot of individuals are investing in evil eye jewellery designs. They look stunning and goes well with any formal or casual attire. Other than these, colourful bead bracelets and necklaces are also attracting eyeballs. Fashion-savvy individuals are opting for rainbow colour jewellery to boost a healthier and happier lifestyle in this unprecedented time. Adding a piece of jewellery to your style provides you with the fun and excitement of the old times when you used to go to your office, school or college. COVID-19 also has interest men to invest in some jewellery pieces as self-pampering is an excellent way to survive at this time. Some of the trending men jewellery includes pared-back pendants, rings and chains. You can wear a silver chain as a bracelet during an online session or while taking your dog for a walk, to break the monotony of your pyjama phase and look a little edgy.

Don’t compromise on looking tremendous and breath-taking by buying yourself some high-end jewellery pieces. Experiment with your style, add colour to your dresses by picking unusual jewellery pieces. Don’t miss out on the fun of getting ready and pampering yourself by looking incredibly outstanding!