Choosing the Perfect Necklace: Elevate Your Outfit with Style

Each one of us has been in a situation where we find the perfect outfit for the occasion, only to realise that none of our neckpieces goes perfectly well with what we are wearing or at the very least we fall in a dilemma which as to which one will look the best. Finding the perfect necklace to match the outfit, or more specifically the décolletage design is essentially a form of art, with a careful mix of experimentation and creativity. This trick when mastered can quickly transform your outfit and elevate your style effortlessly. Choosing the right necklace for the neckline doesn’t have to be a tedious task and we are here to help. Our key focus here is the effortless accessory pairing that you can quickly use to create a personalized statement. There are certain good tips and rules to follow to make sure the neckpiece complements the neckline, read through with us to gain a quick insight.  


Lovely Pendants for Bold V-neck Décolletage


V-neck outfits have a plunging décolletage that may seem a little bare if not paired a perfect accessory. The pendants and princess necklaces are a classic choice that mimics the same V-shape and blends naturally offering a charming and chic look. A rule of thumb that should be followed is that the necklace must end an inch above the neckline, it shouldn't be too short or too long and should gracefully sweep alongside the neckline. A dainty chain with a bold pendant is a perfect choice for a swanky look, you can choose from Turquoise Leaf Shape Pendant by Beginnings or Swarovski’s Timeless Spirit Indian Sapphire Necklace. If you want something minimalistic you can opt for Tranquillity White Gold Pendant by Hot Diamonds or Miniature Sparkle Zirconia Twilight Necklace by Kit Health.



Charming Neckpiece For The Graceful Boatneck


Boat necklines or bateau spreads wide across the collarbone. It should be paired with longer necklaces that won’t distract from the neckline. Minimalistic and elegant accessories such as princess necklace with one or more strings or beads; or asymmetrical pieces like multi-strands are also a good option. This wide and high neckline can also be complemented with a row of pearls for a subtle look or a slightly longer chain pendant for creating a bold statement. Accessorise your outfits with minimalistic Thomas Sabo Sterling Silver Charm Necklace or Coast Rokk Station Necklace by Kit Health. Want something loud and bold, try Silver Tender Necklace by Hot Diamonds, Attract Round Necklace or Sparkling Dance Flower Necklace by Swarovski.



Eye-catching Choker for Off-shoulder Neckline


A bandeau or Bardot are both off the shoulder outfits that flaunt the décolletage. The short necklaces such as chokers, short pendants, asymmetric necklaces, allow the décolletage to remain the focal point of the outfit, offering a perfectly balanced look. Some of the best choices to complement most of your off the shoulder necklines are Angelic Necklace, Crystal Louison Rhodium Necklace by Swarovski, Freshwater Pearl Necklace with Filigree Heart Locket by D For Diamond, Thomas Sabo Black Velvet Choker or Open Flower Choker Necklace by Orla Kiely.



Dainty Necklace For Classic Crew Necklines


These wide curved necklines are the easiest when it comes to choosing a necklace. As versatile as crew necklines are, the trick is to play with the length of necklace rather than the design or style. A necklace with layers, volumes or multiple strands is a smart choice for creating a style statement. Our collection includes a wide range of artful designs that can add definition to a plaint crew neck ensemble. Wear multi-coloured chain pendant or layered necklaces for creating an illusion of a defined pattern on an otherwise unembellished outfit. To decorate a textile canvas, you can opt for some beaded peals or diamond intricate in subtle tones of gold, silver and more.



Redefining Elegance with Acotis Diamonds


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