Unleash Your Style with Nikki Lissoni Jewellery

Everyone is in pursuit of being unique. Fashion lovers choose the way of jewels to make their bold statements. With all the new trending styles, personalized jewellery is making a prominent mark in the industry. Nikki Lissoni Jewellery lets you run free into the world of accessories and find yourself.





Club your outfit with Nikki Lissoni Jewellery, personalized for your style to make your own personal fashion statement loud and clear. Cruise through the elegant collection of coins, necklaces, earrings, pendants, bracelets and bangles for her. Mix ‘n’ match to fuel your style and pick from the best fashion designers’ own jewellery box!


How to Architect your Own Personalized Piece?



Coins by Nikki Lissoni


An entirely exclusive concept, Nikki Lissoni has introduced to the world of fashion, a whole range of uncountable coins. Studded with elegant stones or without them, something simple yet graceful, or something bold, these Coins by Nikki Lissoni will definitely fulfil your style. You can take your pick from abstract coins, letters to symbolize something special, a minimal piece or even some extravagant stones to accompany your outfit.


Necklaces and Bracelets



 Bracelets and necklaces by Nikki Lissioni are abundant in designs and variety. The evergreen silver, rose gold and gold are the highlights of the collection which help enhance the coins even more. For those looking for a more chic look, the leather, link chains and pearl necklaces and bracelets might be the choice for you. Just put your finger on your heart’s desire and you’re good to go!


The Pendant



Choose the perfect pendant to fit your personality. You can find the pendant matching your necklace or bracelet; subtle gold, or gold with dazzling Swarovskis, in different sizes. Some prefer a small golden pendant whereas some like to go for a loud, studded gold one. Let yourself gleam with your choice. Again… whatever complements your style!


The Final Step



All that’s left to do is clip in and clip out your coin from your pendant. Different coins according to different moods, occasions, styles and attires can be clipped in whenever required. Pendants and coins can be interchanged and you can curate a new style for yourself every single time. And why stop at one? Create your own layered necklace in any way you prefer!


Charm with your Charm



Suitable for using as pendants, on bracelets or even earrings, Nikki Lissoni introduces a range of beautiful charms manufactured with high definition to magnify your personal style even more. They can be clubbed with coins on bracelets and necklaces or can be worn individually to let them speak for themselves.


Flare with Style with Earring Coins



It’s easy to make a statement with earrings and earrings solely. With the graceful earring coin collection Nikki Lissoni presents, one can catch all eyes flawlessly and effortlessly. For casual wear, parties, occasions or even balls and galas, these earrings are versatile and elegant enough to fit in with every type of outfit. Like the coins collection, there is a numerous range of earrings to pick from, each set amplifying your personality more and more.


Ring Coins by Nikki Lissoni



To complete the look we always need rings! Rings are highly trending and always have been. Find the most aesthetic and sophisticated rings to match the rest of your accessories and tie your attire together. Rose golds and silvers, stones and fine designs, they are all available to grace these rings along with your look and personality.


Finding the Perfect Nikki Lissoni


The limited collection Nikki Lissoni provides helps ensure the accessories are uncommon and very personal. Every coin and every charm have their own special essence, made with the finest materials and the finest of workmanship. It is supreme Designer jewellery but alternately very pocket friendly, considering the delicate work and designs.


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In all its beautiful essence, any product from the entire Nikki Lissoni collection can be availed from our website. Finding the right piece for you can be a task, but with the wide variety and filter options, you can easily find what suits you best in no time. With navigation made easy, you can sail through the site and make the perfect pick!