Upgrading Your Style: Stand Out with High Fashion Outfits

Fashion is about many different elements. From your hair to your makeup, your grooming to your shoes, fashion covers a huge range of facets, and it can be time consuming to make sure you tick all the necessary boxes. Here at Acotis Diamonds, we understand this completely! If you want to look as fashion forward as possible, a good tip is to dress around your jewellery, not the other way around! Statement designer jewellery pieces can be lost within a busy outfit of patterns and textures, and a beautiful piece of men’s jewellery can be understated when not worn in the right way. If you’re going to adorn designer pendants or designer rings then you want them to stand out and be noticed and the best way to do that is to base your outfit around them. The Foundation of Your Style Let’s give an example here. If you’re going to wear one of the many high fashion designer necklaces around, then you need to give it a canvas on which to shine. A silver necklace should be worn with a plain background, so black, navy, or a bright colour without pattern. This gives the necklace a background on which it can be framed, without being lost amongst a vertigo-inducing pattern! Women’s jewellery should be the centrepiece of the outfit, especially if it is of the expensive variety, so whether it’s designer bracelets or designer bangles, it’s important to keep the canvas clear. As you can see, building your jewellery around your designer chains and designer charms isn’t particularly difficult, it’s really about thinking what will give your jewellery the best foundation so that it can stand out. Jewellery can also make an outfit look extremely classy when worn the right way. A simple little black dress can be seriously glitzy upgrade with a pair of hanging designer earrings. This also elongates the neck and gives an extra air of sophistication and classiness. You could dress said LBD down by not wearing jewellery at all, but the addition will take the look up a notch or two. It’s not just for women either, as a pair of designer cuff links worn against a simple, crisp, white shirt can take a look from zero to hero, with a simple flash of sparkle when the arms are moved around. Talk about a great way to catch attention! Simple Yet Effective Jewellery is the best way to upgrade your outfit with minimal effort, so designing your entire look around the piece you want to wear is the best way to shine. Of course, it’s not just for adults, because a classic piece of children’s jewellery can give your child that grown up feeling, as well as offering them a piece to remember when they’re older, a keepsake. So, if you’re not one for putting together high fashion outfits, simplify it all by building your look around your jewellery. You can buy a huge range of pieces online, making life much easier overall! You can buy online at www.acotisdiamonds.co.uk