Spooktacular Halloween Themed Jewellery Pieces by Top Brands

Spooky season is here and it is the time to step out of your usual fancy clothing and jewellery repertoire. Whether you have decided on what you have to wear for Halloween or not, we have got some creative, spooky, and yet so charming pieces of Jewellery that are sure to complement your attires. There is no trick here and it is all about the treats in terms of beautiful and stunning jewellery that is sure to set the creepy Halloween vibes too. A perfect combination of elegance and modern design is never easy to find. But we got your back, just dive in through these beautiful jewellery pieces and customize it as per your desire.


THOMAS SABO Rebel Kingdom Skull Crown Pendant


Thomas Sabo - Sterling Silver Jewellery - Kingdom Skull Crown Pendant


Thomas Sabo rebel kingdom skull crown pendant is all set to bring out the Halloween vibes. There is no doubt that this skull crown pendant in sterling silver reflects the true craftsmanship and the intricately designed stone-embellished crown makes it a masterpiece. The iconic look of the skull crown is a signature piece and with a significance; it believed to be a sign of power and strength. You can pair it up with different accessories and attires. It is presented in a rock’n’roll skull design. The bold design and finish make this skull crown pop out beautifully with its rebellious attitude while keeping the Halloween vibes on!  


THOMAS SABO Sterling Silver Rebel at Heart Onyx Skull Signet Ring


Thomas Sabo - Sterling Silver Jewellery - Skull Themed - Skull Signet Ring


A piece of jewellery that is all set to grab everyone’s attention, Rebel at Heart Onyx Skull Signet Ring by Thomas Sabo; it is indeed a masterpiece to adorn. With sterling silver, stone and zirconia, this ring is a perfect combination of elegant and modern design that fits perfectly for the Halloween season too. This reinterpreted signet ring is elaborately hand-carved in details with a sublime obsidian skull beautifully held by bird’s claws. This ring showcases the wearer's individuality with a strong message.


THOMAS SABO Sterling Silver Tropical Snake Earring


Thomas Sabo -Halloween - Sterling Silver Jewellery - Tropical Themed Jewellery - Snake Earrings


Thomas Sabo Tropical Snake Earring is a beautifully crafted statement jewellery piece that is richly decorated with the filigree stones, these are set by hands, while cold enamel application enhances the intense effect. The snake motif in beautiful green and turquoise looks stunning when worn. This is an extremely exquisite piece of jewellery that is designed with silver, zirconia, enamel and ceramic stone to bring out the pop of colours with a perfect finish.


TROLLBEADS Sterling Silver Happy Bats


Trollbeads - Trollbeads Jewellery - Halloween - Sterling Silver Jewellery - Bat Themed Jewellery


TROLLBEADS sterling silver happy bats make a perfect choice if you are looking for something to wear for Halloween. These little bats are all set to bring that Halloween vibes but with a smile. These happy bats in sterling silver are beautifully crafted, while the intricate details reflect the true artistic skills of the designer. So, get your hands on this pair of earrings by Trollbeads for the Halloween.




Trollbeads Jewellery - Halloween Jewellery - Pumpkin Themed Bracelets - Sterling Silver


TROLLBEADS Pumpkin in sterling silver is all set to create a spooky vibe for the Halloween season. This pumpkin makes a perfect pick for Halloween season and can easily be paired up with different beads and charms to create a customized Halloween bracelet. The intricate design and the perfect finish of the pumpkin elevate its overall appearance. The pumpkin when paired up with the bracelet complements the outfits you have selected for Halloween.


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