Unleash Your Halloween Look with Spooky Jewellery Accessories

Holidays are always a merry time in the dread and everyone waits the holiday season very impatiently. Out of all the awaited holidays, Halloween remains on the top as the most loved celebration of the year. After all, what’s not to be happy about? One gets to dress up as crazily as possible and go bonkers with the creativity breaking all bounds. However, choosing the perfect Halloween outfit which conveys the look previously envisioned is rather tiring and effort consuming. And on top of that, finding the right piece of jewellery to complement the costume is even harder. In the effort of providing a tad bit of assistance, here presented is a well-investigated list of the best Halloween jewellery accessories which will ascent all the awe-inspiring Halloween outfits.


Let Them Listen a Bit More with Bling Ear Rings



Ear rings may be the most common one in the world of jewellery, but a good pair of earrings will always increase the over-all value of your outfit or costume in terms of style and readiness. Statement earrings are called so as they hold the power to turn even a plain and basic outfit to an eye-catching piece. Following the same kind of zest and zeal, Halloween-themed earrings are designed in gorgeous designs and fascinating concepts. Pairing that vampire costume with a shiny pair of hanging skull earrings from the Halloween collection of Thomas Sabo will take the glamour up a notch up and have everyone turn around to snatch another glance at the perfectly coordinated and thoroughly balanced outfit. On the other hand, the happy bats stud earrings from Trollbeads will work as a great subtle but overwhelming statement for the crazy witch costume.


Get Those Witchy Hands at Work with Horror Induced Bracelets



Bracelets are one of those very few jewellery items which are highly adaptive and available in an endless variety. The themes are never ending, and the style never fades. A witch costume is never complete without a spooky and unusual charm bracelet. It adds to the mysterious vibe that a witch is always susceptible to carry. Or better, unleash your inner ghost rider with a super charming chain bracelet. The good thing about bracelets, cuffs and bangles is that they are mostly unisex, erasing the limitation of jewellery options for men. Options like a leather navy bracelet from Trollbeads, Thomas Sabo Skull Bangle or the charm bracelet are great choices for both men and women. The best part is that themed bracelets are both subtle and empowering. While they will enhance the Halloween spirit when worn with the costume, they will give a unique spice to the usual outfit when carried as a piece of everyday jewellery.


Warding Off the Evil with a Cross Pendent



In a time of the year when it is customary to dress as a ghost or an evil spirit, let your inner angle flow freely bejewelled in a shiny cross pendent. Ideal to grab the spotlight, the fabulous cross pendants can be paired with a basic chain for a sweet innocent virgin marry look or they can be attached with a nice bold choker to reverse the spirit and complement the jock or a contemporary witch outfit. Thomas Sabo collection offers a great selection of blingy mainstream cross pendent or an updated version with a skull attached on top.


Get Creative with DIY Jewellery



It sure is convenient when the jewellery matching to the selected costume is available ready to use but there is no denying the fact that there is a unique kind of joy in making jewellery by yourself. If the choice for this year’s costume includes something that must be created by self, then Trollbeads has an ample amount of options waiting in its special Halloween collection. Separating paths from the mainstream ideas, Trollbeads offers an array of jewellery beads to create jewellery pieces like bracelets, earrings, necklaces, head gears– literally anything that can be thought of as an option. Beads in the form of, witch shoes, skulls, spiderweb, pumpkin, scarecrow, owls, skeletons, etc, are just the starters. The variety is endless to completely assist Halloween self-proclaimed jewellers in making the perfect accessory to complete the costumes.


Welcome the Ghosts Formally- Cuff Links & Watch Stopper



Be it chilly October wind, the sinful rustling of the leaves or the scary corporate job – nothing can stop Halloween celebration mood to catch up to people in full swing. To aid the ones who choose formal wear to be their type, Nomination cuff links are the best way to keep the formal 3-piece suit updated with Halloween spirit. If you are someone with a craze for exemplary watches then these wonderful skull themed watch stoppers are your go-to accessory this festive season.


Why Buy Halloween Jewellery?


While the festive brings in many joys, specialities and celebrations of its own, there are some things that remain constant for every occasion that comes and goes by. There is no better time than Halloween to flaunt your style and experiment with as many looks as you want. You can go wild with your choices and take on risks you never would have on any other normal day or event of the year. Trying new and exciting designs of jewellery for yourself is one of the many ways to make Halloween special. You get to up your fashion jewellery collection an ante and get an unbiased opinion on what should be the part of your wardrobe for the next year. Halloween inspired colours and pattern that are gorgeous but tricky to align with normal outfits can shine bright this Halloween with your perfectly coordinated outfits.


Explore Trendsetting Halloween Jewellery Collection


Experimenting with style should not mean compromising on quality and authenticity at any point. Halloween may be an annual event, but jewellery is a lifetime companion which is always versatile enough to ne styled for other occasions or for normal day outfits. There is an abundance of online stores which with a charismatic collection for Halloween Jewellery, but authenticity is a benchmark that one should live by. Acotis Diamonds is one such store preferred for the customers with love of beautiful thematic jewellery. Find amazing piece handpicked from globally renowned brands in the domain such as Thomas Sabo, Troll Beads, Nomination, etc.