Discover Your Style: Tips for Finding Jewellery that Suits Your Style

Finding Jewellery That Suits Your Style We all have our own personal style that we express in everything from our clothes to accessories. However, it can be hard to find the right jewellery to match our styles. You may have a few pieces that have been gifted or even handed down, but how do you choose the right jewellery to suit your everyday and special occasion outfits? Here are some tips for finding jewellery that’ll match your wardrobe. If you like to keep it simple, then you can let your jewellery do the talking. If you are going out in a little black dress, then choosing a statement piece of designer jewellery can really liven up an outfit and give it an elegant look. For day to day wear, look for contemporary silver pieces, perhaps with interesting textures or abstract designs to add interest to your outfit. Hipster looks If you like your outfits to be on-trend and ahead of the crowd, then make sure your jewellery is too. Some big looks for 2018 include: • Chandelier earrings • Layered bracelets • Floral necklaces • Tiaras Of course, you can have a lot of fun with jewellery, and if you like the hipster style you can go for something a bit more unusual. Find women’s jewellery in bold colours, or opt for unique shapes that are as individual as you are. Glitz and glamour If you like to add glitz and glamour to your look, opt for classic styles with plenty of bling. A pair of designer earrings with diamonds, or something classic like sapphires, can add a stylish touch to your outfit. If you’re going to wear a lot of sequins or glitter, don’t overload by wearing big jewellery. Just a few simple pieces will make a much bigger statement. Sporty or casual Even if your look is quite casual, you can still upgrade your look with some simple jewellery. Opt for simple, stylish pieces that can be worn with a jumper and jeans. Even designer bracelets such as a bangle can make a big difference. Try not to choose anything that’s oversized or will get in the way, especially if you’re not used to wearing jewellery very often. Jewellery to suit your face shape As well as your personal style, you should think about whether your jewellery will suit your face shape. The types of jewellery that match face shapes are: • Oval – this proportioned face shape suits most styles • Round – wear jewellery that distracts from a round face, such as long dangly earrings or a long pendant • Square – soften your face shape with tear drop or chandelier earrings, and avoid chokers • Rectangular – opt for a statement necklace and small hoops to draw attention from angular features • Heart shaped – chunky necklaces and earrings that dangle to the jawline can balance out a heart shaped face Find Jewellery that Suits Your Style, you’re going for at Acotis Jewellery. Browse and buy online, with excellent prices available on top brands.