Ravishing Diamond Cuff Bracelets: Top Trends of 2018

It is time to kiss goodbye to all the jewellery trends of 2017 and experiment with some new designs, colours and shapes. Subtle and smooth is a cliché now, while bold and vibrant is this year’s new go-to chic look to follow. Make an entrance with the kind of diamond jewellery that can make you look worth all the attention and the stares. Let’s just unwrap these few rocking diamond trends of this year that are going to sweep you off your feet. Queen with Diamond Cuffs Be the dazzling diva of your evening wearing the amazing diamond cuff bracelets. Whether the bracelet is sleek or broad, it is just perfect to make you look like the absolute queen of the show. Cuffs are known to be the timeless fashion classics that are now being redesigned to get you your very own style statement.     Layer it up to blend in If you are the one who does not get satisfied wearing just one thing, then you must experiment with layers. Get that flawless whimsical look you always wanted to have by layering up your diamond necklace chains, rings or even sleek bracelets. For the necklace layering always go for the necklaces of varying lengths to add fun to your attire. Mix and match the diamond chains in silver and yellow gold or stack your rose gold ring with a white gold diamond ring. Layering is all about adding a little fun element to your outfit and rocking every look. Style in Rose Gold to be in Vogue Originally dubbed as ‘Russian Gold’ is now being referred to as Rose Gold is making way to the stellar look books of this year. Rose gold metal chains, rings, earrings and bracelets adorned with white diamonds are a slam-dunk sign of glam. This pink gold perfectly complements your diamonds and gives you a royal vintage look with a touch of modernity. Styling the rose gold jewellery will make you fall in love with its alluring shine and harmonious tone. Rose gold also looks great worn with other metal hues, lending itself well to stacking and layering. Go Pear or Go Bare If you are someone who is too inspired by the Hollywood accessory styling, then you have your accessory mantra for this year, which is to go bold with the ‘pear’ shaped diamonds. It is the high time to stop crushing over the pear-shaped diamond ring of Liz Taylor and getting one for your own! The marquise-cut pear shape of a diamond is everything that is sensuously alluring. A pear-shaped diamond necklace does not require an Elizabeth Taylor necessarily, but it requires someone who could carry it with similar poise and grace! Get your hands on the best trend-setting diamond Jewellery There are plenty of online stores offering you the charismatic collection of diamond jewellery. Always look for the authentic yet affordable vendor who is going to offer you with the unique pieces crafted with everlasting grace. For all those who have been looking for the latest jewellery collection in trend just like the one listed above, you can visit Acotis Diamonds. Check out their mesmerizing diamond jewellery collection. Why trust Hot Diamonds while shopping for Diamond Jewellery? Hot diamonds is one of the most promising brands dealing with the ground-breaking collection of diamonds. The shapes, sizes and the uniqueness of the design is their primary concern which makes their collection stand out. The brand ensures that every single piece rises to the occasion. Also, the success and the flawless craftsmanship of this brand has never gone unnoticed as they were the winners of the prestigious UK Jewellery Brand of the Year in 2001 and 2003. Create a charismatic imprint wearing the minimalistic diamond jewellery from Hot Diamonds.