Elevate Your Style with Designer Jewellery Tips by Acotis Diamonds

Jewellery has had a significant meaning for both men and women across the globe over centuries. In some cultures, women's jewellery is seen more than just decoration and has a lot of value added to it. In today's world, there are so many inspiring and beautiful pieces available on the market, that they can provide countless styling options. Using what you wear strategically is an important tool for any woman, especially in the business world. The key is to learn which pieces, whether they be designer jewellery items or not, add the best finishing touches to your outfit. Acotis Jewellery, a leading provider of designer jewellery and accessories in the UK, have put together the following jewellery tips and tricks to help you get it right every time. Add value to your outfit Over or under accessorising are common jewellery errors and should be avoided at all costs. Just because a piece is pretty or has sentimental value, it does not mean you should wear it with every outfit. It’s also important to bear in mind, that just because you are a professional, you can't have fun with jewellery. And that goes for men's jewellery too. Links of London have a great collection of designer cuff links on the Acotis Jewellery website which, would suit any men's shirt or jacket. Make it proportional to your facial features and body frame When designer jewellery is worn well, the focus of the beholder's eye should still be on you. Jewellery can either support or divert this objective. For example, layering on necklaces can help lift an outfit, but if you overdo it, you can appear swamped by it. The length of necklaces should also be given special attention. A small choker piece is more suitable for a night out, while delicate designer necklaces, like those offered by Swarovski, work well as everyday wear. Jewellery should complement skin tone and outfit Picking jewellery that illuminates your skin tone should be considered as it can be very flattering. There are a wide range of colours and gemstones out there, such as gold, silver, rose gold, emerald, and amethyst, that will do wonders for both your outfit and skin. Play around with different colours to find jewellery pieces that suit you. Gold tones work well on most women, regardless of their skin tone. Check out the various gold designer jewellery items offered by Thomas Sabo. They do some clever gold designer earrings, which will have heads turning. Ensure jewellery pieces are versatile A great jewellery buy is when it is both pretty and complements several of your outfits. This is where matching jewellery pieces are not a good investment. It leaves you limited to how many times you can wear them. Instead, it's worth investing in statement designer jewellery pieces that you can wear time and time again. Designer charms are a great way of getting maximum wear from one jewellery item. You can create your very own fabulous charm bracelets that are unique to you. Acotis Jewellery is a leading provider of stunning designer jewellery and accessories in the UK. They source products from some of the most-respected designers, and make them available online for customers across the UK. You can buy online from www.acotisdiamonds.co.uk.