Unleashing Brooches Fashion Trends: Transforming Your Look

Fashion trends determine what’s in and what’s not every season and year. From classy earrings to funky pendants, each jewellery piece has a phase in which it booms and become part of every accessory box and wardrobe. But there is one accessory piece that has been accentuating your jewellery box for ages. From Princess Diana to Jay Z, everybody has tasted the style created by these beautiful and awe-inspiring brooches. Brooches are often classified as an elegant and sophisticated piece of jewellery, which adds a rich and royal look to your attire. You can wear a brooch on a coat, jacket and cardigan, or you can just pin it on your jeans to create a stunning, statement look.

A Versatile Piece of Jewellery

Just by adding a brooch to your overall look, your aura gets wholly transformed, it becomes classier and more contemporary at the same time.  Brooches are one of the most versatile pieces of jewellery that one can own. There is a number of ways you can add a brooch to your look:

  • Wear it on your Collar: Brooches on a collar creates that perfect look you wanted to flaunt in a public gathering or a formal meeting. It adds a personality and flavour to your attire, making sure you don’t look overloaded by creating a minimalistic look. This way is an absolute hit among men who wants to create an edgy and handsome appearance. 
  • On Hair: This is mostly for women. You can just add a brooch to your messy bun or pin your hair together using one to look incredible and beautiful. You can pick the one with a little bling to create a unique look for a party, cocktail dinner or Christmas.
  • On Bottoms: A lot of people don’t know that you can actually wear a brooch on your denim or formal trouser. Pinning a brooch as an unconventional jeans’ accessory is the way that offers you a unique and statement look. Experiment with one made of silver or go crazy and pick one with rainbow colours and designs.
  • On Jewellery: Wearing jewellery over jewellery is NOT weird. In fact, it is the best way to customise your look using different yet coordinating jewellery pieces. You can wear a brooch over your necklace or bracelet to add a focal point to your style.
  • On Belt: Waist belts and brooches share a proximate relationship. Imagine wearing a plain dress or suit and having a delicately designed brooch on that fitted waistline. Lethal, right? This is the reason why brooches are said to be the most versatile accessory that you can own.

There are various types of brooches available in the market that are unique, elegant and charming. Brooches are available in different shapes, sizes and designs. If you’re all about glitter and glamour, then you can opt for gold or shimmery silver broch. If you’re into being elegant and edgy at the same time, then minimalistic silver or tungsten brooches are a thing for you.

A lot of people think that brooches wouldn’t make a huge difference in their look, which is an absolutely wrong notion as there are plenty of reasons why you should invest in buying this vintage, luxurious and fun piece of jewellery like:

  • Brooches are a perfect and subtle way to add and introduce colour and character in your unexciting outfit.
  • It works great as an alternative for a broker button or missing cufflink.
  • It transforms the look of a printed or overall dress in style. Basically, it breaks the monotony of your overalls or single coloured dress.
  • Brooches are a perfect way to grab attention because not many people wear one, which means you can be the one exclusive person carrying that charm on your collar, coat or belt.

Brooches are one accessory that can be worn by a person of any age and gender. They create a look that one can easily pull off without doing anything extra or going overboard. From casual attire to party clothes, brooches effortlessly enhance your appearance by adding to that oomph factor.