Shine Bright with Exclusive Black Friday Jewellery Deals

With the ongoing festive season, it is a great time to shuffle up our jewellery wardrobe and make space for the latest and stunning layer necklaces, obsidian beads, coin hoop earrings, bracelets, gemstone rings, or even watches. 


Here at Acotis Diamonds, we have selected some of the finest pieces you should be wearing this Black Friday. Perfect jewellery and accessories that match your style and make you steal the spotlight can be hard to find, but when you are backed by Acotis Diamonds, there is no going back! You have ample jewellery options to browse through for different occasions and events. So, make the most of this festive and holiday season and grab from some of the finest picks for Black Friday.


Beads Collections for The Season


Trollbeads Snowflake Obsidian helps to bring more balance to the body and mind and simultaneously helps you to think in a more logic way. Snowflake Obsidian is rare and absolutely unique, reflecting its natural beauty and features. Get one for yourself or gift this to someone who would be happy to have this beautifully crafted Snowflake Obsidian bead. 



Another item you should consider this Black Friday is Companion Kit Glass Bead Kit. You will find a unique set of beads presented by Trollbeads for someone who loves the vibrant shades, and what’s better than having beads that represent the kinds of friend you have! This companion kit represents your friends with every bead. The kit includes silver and glass beads - a loyal friend, a flurry of change, green leaf, a quiver of hope, a red leaf, and a joyful friend. It’s a product which will act as a reminder of your friends and also makes a perfect companion when your friends are not around. Keep them secured in a bracelet or if you wish to make a neckpiece, it will make a perfect option too. 


Silver Zirconia Black Snake by Thomas Sabo is a distinctive piece of jewellery that is designed to bring out the bold personality of the wearer. Crafted using 925 Sterling silver, this expressive karma bead is beautifully designed with a snake that showcases the rebellious side while making it a style statement too. This Snake bead can be easily combined with obsidian beads either in the necklace or in the bracelet. Wear it with your favourite evening gown or carry it with your casuals, it looks immensely perfect with every attire. 



Beautiful nature inspired Giving Seeds Glass Bead that is specifically designed to layer up with different jewellery pieces. This unique bead by Trollbeads is made using the finest grade porcelain that offers long-lasting and durable performance without getting faded or losing its natural shine over time. This is a unique hand-painted porcelain bead and is unique; the pattern and the hues will be completely different to others; no two beads are completely the same. Gift this to someone who loves to stay closer to nature


Karma Beads Black Snake is specifically for someone with a strong personality, Thomas Sabo Silver Zirconia Karma Bead represents the powerful scorpion that is a symbol of perseverance and bold personality. If you are searching for something similar to gift to someone with a strong personality then there’s nothing better than this karma bead that can be easily layered up with different bracelets or necklaces too. This karma scorpion bead helps to strengthen the willpower. Its filigree stone embellishment in black with detailed engravings makes it look artistic.


Designer Rings to Elevate Your Black Friday Look 


Rings tend to be one of the most important jewellery pieces. They add a glamorous touch to your appearance but reflect your true personality loud and bold. For those who love rings, don’t forget to dive into the massive collection presented by Thomas Sabo. 



Handcrafted with 925 sterling silver in combination with unique designs, you will find a stunning collection of stacking rings available to select from. Stand out pieces include this  silver zirconia pave double ring. The beautifully crafted ring is encrusted with gorgeous and sparkling zirconia stones which in contrast to the silver band looks magnificently beautiful. 


Another beautiful range of designer rings available include designs by FIORELLI SILVER that are sure to take your ring game a notch higher. 925 Silver gold-plated Ribbon Ball Ring with silver and rhodium, make a perfect pick for different occasions including birthdays, anniversary, or even valentines. 


Designer Bracelet to Steal the Spotlight 


You cannot go wrong with bracelets, whether you are searching for something classy or an item which is minimalist. Bracelets are always your go-to option that helps to ensure that you grab the spotlight without overdoing anything. How about gifting a beautifully designed bracelet to your loved ones, either your mum, fiancé, sister, or your friend?  


Make your Valentine, wedding anniversary, or any other occasion special with bracelets from ChloBo. These unique bracelets are specifically crafted from sterling silver so you can be sure that you are receiving a jewellery piece which will stay in your collection for years to come.


For someone who loves nature, an exclusive moon and sun bracelet from ChloBo makes a perfect option. Another stunning bracelet inspired by Mark Anthony and his beautifully written poems – this bracelet is provided with a love letter card that is indeed a perfect gift for the one you love. It has an envelope-shaped charm in the bracelet with 'LOVE' on its reverse side. 



Not just this, Swarovski showcases bracelets including the treasure pearl white rhodium-plated bracelet which features Swarovski crystal and premium finish. The shimmering crystal of the bracelet reflects the timeless and classy look, displayed beautifully in a straight-line design that wraps up your wrist perfectly. This bracelet is sure to add grace and glamour to your overall look. 


You can also pick smart bracelet pieces from Guess Jewellery, one of the stunning pieces of jewellery includes the stunning Guess Miniature with rhodium lettering logo crystal bracelet. 


Necklaces to grab this Black Friday


If you are looking for some exquisite range of necklace, earrings, rings, bracelets, or beads, then your search ends at Acotis Diamonds. Be assured about the quality of your new designer piece as each piece of jewellery is specifically sourced from renowned brands and is designed by veteran jewellery designers. 


Acotis Diamonds presents a stunning range of sparkling beads, necklaces, stacking rings, drop earrings, charms, diamonds, polished pearls, and silver jewellery to match your style. We have a range of brands for you to choose from including designs from the likes of  Ania Haie, Swarovski, D for Diamond, Links of London, and many more. 


The jewellery pieces are 100% genuine, made from premium material and finish, reflecting the artistic skills of the designers. So, get your hands on the gorgeous jewellery pieces to add elegance to your overall appearance.