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Finding a watch that fits your lifestyle and your look can be a real minefield. We’ve got you covered, though. Here we’ll guide you through finding the perfect wristwatch to match your work and casualwear to finally finding the perfect watch for Father’s Day.




  1. What wrist do men’s watches go on?
  2. What is the best men’s watch brand?
  3. Luxury men’s watches at Acotis.


What wrist do men’s watches go on?


Believe it or not, there’s a ‘right’ and a ‘wrong’ way to wear a watch! There’s been a debate swirling on the internet about how exactly men should be wearing watches. The left wrist is widely believed to be the correct wrist for men to put on their watches. 


Well, we’ve got the answer! The general rule is that watches are to be worn on your less dominant hand. Your non-dominant hand is the hand that you do not write with. 


For a right-handed person, the less dominant hand would be their left hand. Left-handed people would need to do the reverse and wear their watch on the right hand. 


You use your dominant hand for everything: from holding it out to shake hands during a meeting to reaching out to grab the bannister of the stairs as you climb and paying the barista at the coffee shop. 


If you wear your watch on your dominant hand, it will be more likely to be damaged with scratches and debris. Additionally, it would be much harder for you to wear larger watch designs on your writing hand because it would get in the way and feel uncomfortable. 


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What is the best men’s watch brand?


The best men’s watch brand will have the right models to suit your lifestyle and fits your style. So, how do you know which watch suits your daily life the best? Let us help you to decide. 


The best men’s watches for every style and occasion. 


Here’s our round-up of our favourite men’s watches and designer brands, as well as the type of person these wristwatches are made for! 


The best men’s sports watch for the adventurous type.


Citizen Eco watch


For guys who feel most at home in the wild bringing out their inner Bear Grylls, the perfect watch is one that can withstand the elements. Ideally, you should be looking for at least a water-resistant watch and a sports model packed with the latest technology - without the need for maintenance. 


Citizen watches will have all your essentials covered. Citizen Eco-Drive watches run on solar power, so wave goodbye to batteries because as long as the sun keeps rising, your watch will work. We highly recommend Gents Eco-Drive World Chrono A.T Watch as it is water-resistant up to 200m. You could swim or scuba dive and this model would be able to handle it like a pro. 


The timing is never off as it’s radio-controlled, and your watch will automatically adjust to your timezone. What’s more, this watch features all 26 times on it - a HUGE bonus for those weekends of wanderlust when you’re working out where to go next! 


The ideal watch for the guys who keep it simple


Timex Expedition watch


When you need a budget-friendly watch that can withstand whatever daily life throws at you, The Timex Expedition watches collection is what you need. 


Models from the Expedition range by Timex are tough enough to weather the storm during a commute and versatile enough to be comfy on those chilled-out weekends walking the dog or fishing on the lake, thanks to their 50m water resistance.


Each design is simple, sleek, and sturdy enough to get you through your day-to-day tasks. The best part? They’re chic enough to go with jeans and a hoody as well as when you're suited and booted in workwear. 


The best men’s watch for the wannabe Bond


Citizen Hawk watch


James Bond's famous for his wristwear. If you fancy yourself as the next 007, then you need a watch that’s both elegant and practical. 


Luxury brand Omega usually makes Bond’s watches. However,  you don’t necessarily need to follow his lead and go for exactly the same model. 


Bond is known for his love of the latest spy gadgets, so why not get a watch that reflects his love for tech and sophisticated style? Citizen has plenty of stainless steel watches that boast the many features needed to fulfil a Bond-worthy mission. 


We highly recommend the Citizen Hawk Series as not only does it have the tech, this watch would not look out of place in the Bond universe. Complete with a chronograph, date function, and 200 metres water resistance that means it can be used for high impact water sports, it’s a wristwatch truly befitting Bond. 


The ideal men’s watch for the alternative gent


Thomas Sabo men's watch


For the original punks and emos who still want to show off their alternative side, you need a watch by Thomas Sabo. 


Each design has the right amount of elegance and edge for you to express your rock n roll side without compromise. 


From watch faces boasting bold biker-inspired designs to dials featuring intricate skulls, Thomas Sabo is changing the game with designs that prove that punk is not dead.  


The ultimate men’s watch for dad


Gold Versace men's watch


A watch is a fantastic gift for dad on Father’s Day or your pop’s birthday. We’re pretty sure that dad will want a watch with a classic look that’s timeless. 


Dads are often fans of the metal watch styles synonymous with classic designer brands like Rolex but they also want the technical features of a modern design like Citizen. 


Versace has managed to marry both design and deluxe together. Versace watches really are stunning timepiece designs that can also handle the demands of daily life and more.


With his Versace wristwatch,  dad will be able to flex his designer gear while boasting about its 50m water resistance and light-up Indiglo technology. 


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Luxury men’s watches at Acotis.


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