Revamp Your Look: Top Autumn Accessory Trends



Whether you prefer whimsical necklaces, fashion earrings or a ring-stack - jewellery remains an inherent part of completing the look, whether it is casual, party-chic, or iconoclastic. As fall arrives, expect the fashion trends to change again. Already, we are witnessing more sandals swapped with boots, tank tops with sweaters, and a push for sun dresses. Jewellery is rather like ever-changing apparel and footwear choices, transitioning from summer to fall. In the spirit of refreshing your wardrobe for the new season ahead, you perhaps need to upgrade your jewellery collection too. Here is a list of easy-to-adopt Autumn  accessory trends you can follow:



Nature-embracing Earrings for Making a Statement


Most folks know that making your presence felt is easier with statement earrings but there can be a lack of creativity and statement-making fashion needs some ingenuity. Such earrings are favoured for distinctive designs with innovative construction and material combinations. You can dress-up a casual outfit with statement earrings and still engage attention. You just need to explore the landscape for more unusual designs. You can also experiment with nature-inspired designs like that of Overlapping Leaf and Butterfly used as inspirations. Such earrings work well with your hair up in a topknot or high pony or tied in a low messy bun. You can pair such naturally-designed earrings with a crisp fall blazer or a mini-dress and a pair of boots.



Re-romancing Cuff Bracelets


As fashion becomes more empowering, accessory designers are working on designs that were once popular but then lost their magnetism. Cuff bracelets are the perfect example. Rather than choosing the standard designs, you perhaps want to consider warrior theme-inspired creations. Current bracelet trends suggest brands like Element Silver, Ania Haie and Fred Bennet have bracelets that signify confidence, poise and independence. These cuff bracelets get inspiration from armlets worn by the Ancient Romans—again, putting a twist on conventional designs to create something new. Boutique brands offer Plain Steel Cuff, Open Work Wide Cuff, and Sterling Silver cuffs—all worthy of being a part of your autumns season accessory box. Team-up these bracelets with wardrobe picks for a casual, modern, and or edgy & bold look.



Try Fashion Fusion with Bangle Bracelets


Bangle bracelets are the season’s staple—they had been trending for some time but now, it seems like the perfect time to invest a bit more time in choosing bangles that can be worn like a bracelet. This fusion type of jewellery is timeless and trendy. You can try metallic bracelets that suit any outfit. You can wear them when attending birthday parties or corporate lunches. With these unique pieces, step into the fall season with a sense of optimism—bangle bracelets are about dressing-up confidently, without too much layering, without more complementary jewellery. You adorn self-confidence, one of the most important accessories, as you wear such jewellery!



Using ‘MORE’ Necklaces for Layering


The layering effect has been here for some time now. From necklaces to multi-layered winter apparel selections, this fashion staple continues to make sense for the modern woman. The reason lies in the versatility of layering necklaces—the perfect way to level-up any look, to break the ceiling for conventional dressing, and to repurpose the same jewellery across different moments/occasions. The best way to use layering necklaces is to mix & match. This might mean some judgmental errors but there is nothing wrong in self-exploration. You can mix dainty stands with bolder chains, or pair gold with silver and gunmetal with rose gold. Layered jewellery can be paired with crew neck t-shirt and pleated mini skirt or plaid trousers for a laidback look.



Stacking Rings that Never Lose Their Appeal


Stackable Rings add personality to your look—perhaps, an understatement. Such jewellery is meant to help women style-up without investing too much time. The ring can be pulled-off with styles that you would not wear normally. This helps to grab the spotlight. Such rings are usually mixed with solid metals and gemstones. Some women stack rings made from entirely different materials and with contrasting finishes. There are several options to choose from—Swarovski Fresh Ring, Interlocking Rings, and a lot more.



Definite Room for Adding Some Hoop Earrings


Hoop Earrings were never out of style. These remain a classic statement piece that add a bit of edginess to any outfit. But hoops have evolved. They have gotten bigger or got sized down, across different fashion seasons. They can be paired with a turtleneck bodysuit tucked into high waist jeans or trousers for effortless styling. You can complete the look with a sleek blazer or a leather jacket. If you are someone who wants to play it safer, Hoop Earrings is just about the perfect pick!


Why you should buy fall jewellery?


The change in season implies it is time to introspect your wardrobe. While you continue to replace summer-wear with warmer clothes, upgrading your jewellery collection becomes equally important. However, the emphasis should be on trying jewellery options that are beyond the realm of standard offerings. This boosts chances of your fashion sense look more unique, even if does not tick all the boxes in a typical fashion guide. You might want to try brands that have more options for season-inspired collections. Yes, there are fall-inspired colours that should transition into season-focused jewellery options.


Explore Trendsetting Fall Jewellery Collections


While there are plenty of online stores offering charismatic collections for fall jewellery, it is necessary to look for authenticity. The emphasis should be choosing a buying platform that refreshes its inventory with more exciting options and provides assurance of 100% genuine pieces. Acotis Diamonds is the preferred online store for discerning customers who want to check-out latest jewellery ideas designs. Checkout this online store for stunning pieces procured from some of the most reputed brands in this domain, such as Swarovski, Thomas Sabo, and Links of London.