Embrace the Season: Stunning Autumn 2020 Jewelry Trends

Every year as the new season fashion collections are unveiled, we always turn our eyes to one thing - the accessories. More specifically, the jewellery. Stylish jewellery that’s on trend is one of the best ways to bring your look together and create the ultimate finishing touch, and this autumn, there’s so much to choose from to help take your look to the next level. Today, we’re taking a look at some of the hottest jewellery trends for this season, along with some of our favourite pieces to help you channel the looks for Autumn 2020.




Pearls were a popular trend throughout the earlier half of this year, and if the latest collections are anything to go by, they’re not going anywhere for AW20. Pearl necklaces and earrings were a popular theme for Marc Jacobs in particular, creating a nod to the classic ladylike fashion of the 1960s. The pearl necklace is one of those classic pieces that adds an element of sophistication to your look, and this Swarovski Treasure Pearls necklace is perfect for creating a luxurious feminine look. Combined with a gleaming row of white crystals among the pearls, it adds a modern twist and a touch of sparkle. Sparkle in fact was another key element in Marc Jacobs’ collections, with eye catching diamond necklaces also taking centre stage, so this stunning Swarovski necklace combines the best of both.


If you’re not quite ready to go for the full pearl necklace, a great way to bring the trend into your jewelry collection is with earrings. Not only were pearl earrings spotted in the collections of Marc Jacobs, but they were also a key feature in the collection of Mizuki Jewelry at Jason Wu, where luxurious, long drop earrings were the standout accessory. You can channel the look yourself, as well as combine it with the sparkle trend with pieces such as these beautiful Thomas Sabo White Zirconia Pearl Drop earrings, perfect for taking your evening look to the next level, but subtle enough to add some extra glamour to your everyday outfit. Wear with your hair up to show them off properly and let these sparkling earrings do the talking.


While pearl necklaces and earrings led the overall trend, Chanel went for a slightly different approach, combining them with charm bracelets for a refreshing and modern twist. If you want to bring this trend into your jewellery collection yourself, this Pearl Heart of Love bracelet by Chlobo is a great choice, combining sterling silver beads with freshwater pearls, along with a simple but stylish angel heart charm.


Colourful Crystals


Diamonds are of course a timeless classic when it comes to gemstones, and this was demonstrated by Marc Jacobs in their AW20 collection, however, colourful gemstones are also set to be a chic and popular trend for this season. Miu Miu was one brand in particular that featured colourful crystals among their accessories,


While diamond necklaces made a regular appearance in the collections of Marc Jacobs, brands such as Miu Miu opted for gleaming crystal pieces that featured vibrant and bold colours, with everything from gemstone brooches to statement necklaces. One of our favourite pieces that will ensure you stand out this season is this Elements Gold London Blue Topaz and Sky Blue Topaz White Gold Pendant, which also captures the vibrant blue colour trend that’s been dominating the catwalks on the clothing front!




Stars, moons and sunshine motifs have been around for a while when it comes to jewellery trends, and they’re certainly here to stay for this season. Designers such as Oscar De La Renta featured gleaming starry motifs in their catwalk collections, with eye catching cosmic inspired accessories at the forefront of it all. Thomas Sabo is one of our favourite brands that has really embraced the celestial trend this season, with a stunning collection of sparkling pieces. Another trend that they’ve combined into their latest collection is also that of mixed metals - yes, you read that right! Long gone are the days where mixing your metals was considered a fashion faux pas, and it’s a trend that many are rocking this season. Thomas Sabo combines both the celestial and the mixed metals look in some of their latest pieces, such as this beautiful Glam and Soul silver and gold plated zirconia necklace. If you don’t fancy the mixed metals look, this statement gold plated Glam and Soul Zirconia necklace sticks to just one colour while keeping with those celestial vibes, along with beautiful blue stones for an extra pop of colour.


Thomas Sabo isn’t the only brand that’s brought us some beautiful cosmic inspired pieces either - Nomination’s Stardust zirconia mixed necklace is a glamorous but subtle way to add a touch of sparkle to your look, while this Elements Gold Floating Astrological Pendant is a wonderfully unique piece that will immediately stand out no matter what you pair it with.


Animal Motifs


The AW20 catwalks also saw animal motifs frequently appearing on the accessories front, with designers such as Stella McCartney making use of the playful trend in the form of earrings and brooches. Brooches are an excellent way to lift a plain top or dress, and by incorporating the animal theme, you’ll be adding an extra touch of personality to your look. A great example is this sterling silver cat brooch by Beginnings, which is easily wearable and highly versatile. Alternatively, if you want to add a pop of colour to your collection, Thomas Sabo also has a wonderful selection of animal inspired pieces which will brighten up any dreary autumn day. We especially love this Glam and Soul Silver Enamel Zirconia necklace with this playful parrot pendant - it’s packed with refreshing colours that will brighten up your look in an instant (and will also make a fantastic gift for any animal lover!). 


Whether it’s the mystical celestial trend or the sophisticated pearls trend that’s caught your eye this autumn, there’s no denying that there are some fabulous trends out there for all tastes this season. Be sure to browse our latest range of products from your favourite brands and discover your new go-to piece of the season!


Written by Amy Jackson - Content and Features Writer at Promo Codes For - 12th October 2020