An Arrow Straight to The Heart – Nomination SeiMia Collection

There is a fashion-forward part of everyone that holds jewellery dear. Being able to create pieces that define your personality is something that intrigues everyone! Stringing charms and ornaments that exude hints of your character onto chains and bracelets helps formulate pieces that make a statement for you. Nomination presents a new line of jewellery for you to customise your jewellery with your own style. Breathing a personal essence into beautifully crafted jewels and charms, the SeiMia collection lets you pick the perfect ones for your loved ones or to pamper yourself with!

nomination italy - seimia collection - sleek pendant - heart themed jewellery

These glamourous charms have an allure any jewellery addicts will give into and will not be able to resist, so dive in and get bejewelled!

Base Bracelets and Necklaces

nomination italy - seimia collection - arrow and heart themed jewellery - bracelets - pendants - silver jewellery

Incorporating these customised pieces into your daily fashion-wear is not only about accessorising for the bang-on look, but also about enhancing your overall ensemble and finding the precise style that will help merge these accessories with your personality. The fresh SeiMia collection by Nomination features sterling silver bracelets with an arrow focal-point and necklaces designed with an arrow pendant, waiting to be customised with glamourous charms. The slender arrows with studded stones are connected with elegant chains on either side, creating dazzling accessories to be worn as graceful pieces as they are, or to be tailored for a personal touch.

Gleaming Charms for Your Dazzling Jewellery

nomination italy - seimia collection - arrow and heart themed jewellery - charm jewellery - little red heart charms

Finding charms that perfectly mirror your fashion-self is just the matter of moments with the newest Nomination jewels. The collection presents charms studded with rhinestones in vibrant colours extracted right from a kaleidoscopic rainbow. With little pink and green gemmed strawberries, classic silver lightning bolts, red lips pendants, pink hearts and colourful snakes decked with stones, pick charms and earrings that effortlessly add a dazzling hint to your jewellery collection. The quirky trinkets can pose as connectors and spacers between your personalised jewellery or a single charm can make a bold focal point to catch every eye flawlessly.

Charms That Express with Text

nomination italy - seimia collection - arrow and heart themed jewellery - charm jewellery - studded charms - friends and love charms

We all know the saying “Actions speak louder than words”, but the SeiMia collection will let you use words to make the loudest statements with quirky texts and charming alphabets. You will find uniquely designed vertical charms with engraved text, making a defining statement for you to incorporate into your jewellery. How about a chic ‘queen’ charm with an intricate black stone border, a pink bordered romantic ‘love’ charm or an intermingling of various embellished alphabets? The sterling silver bars add panache to necklaces or bracelets, combined with other prestigious charms or just as a stand-alone. Wear your customised jewellery on a special day or with a casual outfit for an alluring appeal.

Personalise Your Gifts for a Bigger Smile

nomination italy - seimia collection - arrow and heart themed jewellery - customised jewellery - king and queen jewellery - mamma and amore di mamma charms

It has been established over centuries that jewellery is undoubtedly a go-to for impressive and successful gifting. The smaller the gift box, the more extravagant the gift is anticipated to be and Nomination is surely bringing the most stunning gifting options for friends and family. A personalised gift speaks a hundred words and with that understanding, the SeiMia collection showcases the most exquisite pieces of charms that radiate a hint of affection. Vibrant charms for friends, mothers, sisters, or divisible king and queen pendants for your better half, pick something precious from these charms, and assemble them with beautiful little trinkets to put a smile on your loved ones’ face.

The Nomination SeiMia Collection – A New Way to Impress

nomination italy - seimia collection -  heart themed jewellery - studded jewellery

Nomination is a brand that emphasizes the ability of jewellery to communicate and express individuality in luxurious ways. The brand fashions beautiful pieces of jewellery with great craftsmanship, to use it is a powerful tool showcasing a new way of communicating your personality through chic self-defining jewellery and symbols. Nomination has crossed Italian borders to earn itself a large global customer base with extravagant jewellery and premium quality. Regardless of the whether you are already a fan of Nomination jewellery or are discovering it for the first time, the new SeiMia collection will surely intrigue you.

Personalising Your Style with Acotis Diamonds

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