Strengthen Your 'Links' with Nomination: One For Me, One For You

Relationships are the essence of life and Nomination jewellery communicates the messages of strengthening the vital ones. The new “one for me, one for you” collection by Nomination is the spirit of sharing not only jewellery, but heartfelt emotions and sentiments. Every day comes by with new friends and heart-rendering experiences that everyone wants to cherish through the years. The way we carve relations and put together emotions piece by piece, the new collection by nomination presents a line of customizable jewellery that lets you string your feelings link by link into your fashion accessories.



Add the links and charms that are a representation of your loved ones and experiences, tying them together with bracelets and necklaces to brace the bonds you share and the things you enjoy. Share the feelings with those you hold dear by gifting them an exquisite One for Me, One for You Collection by Nomination or pamper yourself with elements that make you who you are. Some of the composable link collections are –


Best Friends till the End of Time



The “one for me, one for you” link collection is a depiction of the treasured connection between friends. With stainless steel, gold, rose gold, and other precious metals featuring texts and symbols such as a partner in crime, best friends, initials, and other such characters, the selection offers the perfect gift for a loving friend. Compose a beautiful bracelet to represent your friendship and share your feelings with loved ones.


The Bond of Sisterhood



The collection features intricate bracelets that can be decked with charms and links to symbolise sisterhood and the infinite love that you share with your sister. There are links with half an infinite symbol and ones that are engraved with the word ‘sister’. Each link depicts a personal element that keeps your heart tied to your sisters and is set in stainless-steel for a luxurious finish.


To Infinity and Beyond



Acknowledging the value of someone special in your life, Nomination's newest collection offers links that are beautifully designed to bring a smile on the face of your better half. With infinite symbols and text engraved on, these links will make the perfect gift to bring you closer to the special one you wish to create an infinite bond with. So make an effort for your loved ones, or create matching accessories to showcase your immeasurable link.


You and Me Soulmate Links



Capturing encounters and adventures that present the story of your life, this new customisable collection of links helps compose striking pieces for every special person in your life. Whether to embrace yourself in love or to express love to others, there is something for everyone in the “one for me, one for you” collection by Nomination, Italy. Jewellery is a special way of expressing your love for your soulmate. Set in precious metals, these links are made to be shared and are perfect to express that you are meant to be. It makes the perfect charm for those who not only complete each other but also complement one another.


Combine these links and charms and numerous other styles from the “one for me, one for you” collection, with base bracelets to make treasured gifts for every special person in your life.


Nomination Jewellery to Tell Your Story



Established in 1980 Florence, Italy, Nomination is a brand that has only swooped upwards since. Ever since the beginning, the brand focusses on delivering quality crafted jewellery and accessories as well as combining style into their designs. With fine craftsmanship and intricate designs, the brand offers collections that feature something for every jewellery enthusiast. You can explore through their wide collection and choose the best gifts for your loved ones, composing customised pieces, personalised for each individual personality.


Create your Customised Piece with Acotis Diamonds


Acotis diamonds features the most high-end jewellery brands for every fashion-forward person. The one-stop-shop is created using easily navigable features to help you choose what fits you best and what enhances your personality. With abundant brand surfacing the internet, Nomination is undoubtedly one of the most beloved ones, delivering flawless designs to fashion enthusiasts across the globe. Visit the Acotis website to cruise through the most extravagant collections for yourself and to gift to loved ones.