Singing the New Hymn of Sharing with Nomination Jewellery


Life is all about unexpected encounters with people who eventually become special over time. Therefore, it is necessary to express the significance of their presence in your life. Nomination Italy has come up with a new campaign “One for me, One for you”, a new hymn for sharing. This new collection includes link that represent your loved ones, the relationship you share with them. One for me, one for you promotes the signature Composable Links in a fresh and modern way, emphasizing the common and personalized feeling of the jewellery.

The collection includes over 2,000 links like engraving, gemstones, enamel, cubic zirconia, and natural diamonds. The links can have stainless-steel base that comes with 18-carat gold, 9-carat rose gold or sterling silver plating. What makes these the collection special is an array of composable links that are heart of the Nomination jewellery. Exclusively designed in Italy, the Composable Links are the iconic tiles that allow you to personalize a bracelet or watch.

Bracelet is a transversal jewel that is suitable for both men and women of all age groups. Each bracelet in this new collection signifies an attitude of sharing with its infinite links that favour the game of exchange. Each Nomination bracelet is the beginning of an intense and surprising life of relationships. Some of the most sought after bracelets in this collection are:

Classic Bracelet “Puzzle You”

This is an original stainless steel bracelet by the brand with a Puzzle Link with engraving of the word “YOU”. A social bracelet, it focuses on building communication and sharing emotions through pieces that symbolize their presence in life.

Infinite Sisters

This is an incredible bracelet that promotes the sisterhood you share with your new found group of girls. This bracelet features a link with half infinite symbol with SISTERS engraved over it. This composable link is made from stainless steel with symbol vintage effect with oxidised sterling silver.

Infinite Forever

Nomination Italy knows the value of that special someone in your life and thus brings to you a Link with half infinite symbol and “FOREVER” engraved over it. This link is included in the stainless steel link bracelets by the brand. This is a perfect gift for that special someone who is worth all the efforts in life.

King Spades

This bracelet features the playing card symbol King of Spades link. The Link is in stainless steel with symbol in black enamel. This bracelet is a perfect way to convey his importance in your life.

Soul Mate Links

With Valentine’s Day around the corner what good way to express your love for your soul mate other than gifting him/her a pair of composable links saying so. The links are made in stainless steel with oxidised sterling silver for vintage effect. Designed to share, these 2 links make it clear to everyone that you two are meant to be together. This is a perfect charm for those who not only complete each other but also complement one another.

The other links and composable bracelets in the collection are Link pair Composable Classic 2 Hearts Best Friend, Sister Forever and more. The #oneformeoneforyou expresses the message that relationships are the salt in life. Having relationships means caring for others, sharing what you have with them. Nomination Composable Bracelets is everything you can gift to the people important to you.

Why Trust Nomination when Buying Gifts for Someone Special

Nomination was established in 1980 in Florence, Italy. Ever since the beginning, the brand focusses on delivering qualitatively crafted jewellery and accessories. The makers of Nomination jewellery have been successful in mating the Florentine traditions with innovative technologies and materials in their unique collection. You can explore through their wide collection and choose the best gifts for your loved ones.

Where to buy a Thoughtful Range of Expressive Jewellery?

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