Give a New Meaning to Eccentricity – Nomination Composable Collection

Jewellery is a versatile road to take when it comes to picking your outfit. It can be a powerful element that works as the signature piece or it can be the laid-back element that highlights the whole appeal of the look. While this is the popular notion, jewellery does a lot more than just elevating your look. It serves as a memento of precious memories or becomes a way for you to express your inner artist. Those jewellery making classes that you took when you were a young kid can be a little more than just something you went to on an impulse. Composable collection from Nomination is one way you can kill three birds with one stone – replenish the old memories, design your unique kind of bracelets and get something fabulous to style yourself with.


The Taste of the Millennial – Rose Gold Links



Rose Gold became a trend faster than any other newly introduced fashion fiesta. It is the ultimate choice of millions of millennials and has adapted itself along with the classics to form a mixture of modern and traditional. Walking along the same lines, the new Rosegold Collection of links from Nomination Composable Collection emits the same kind of young energy along with being classically beautiful. The links feature a silver coloured base with rose gold-toned figures featured on the top. From fluorescent flamingo to jewelled watermelon, calm flower, and a uniquely coloured anchor, the collection holds a variation of design to suit every style and all sorts of preferences.


Gold to Keep the Old Classics Alive



New trends come and go but some classics never leave the stage. Keeping the spirit of the classics alive, Classicgold Collection of the Composable links offer the same undeniable charm of gold jewellery. The links are designed by expert craftsmen and feature unique figures ranging from popular ones like the lotus flower, and a Chinese hand fan to distinguished ones like a cyclist, swimmer, and a footballer. Not only that you can create some unforgettable looks but also have your style reflected ideally with minimal accessorizing. Simplicity can steal the show in ways statement style cannot. Create something from scratch or add a meaningful charm to the ones you already have in your collection.


A Shine That Never Fades – Silver Links



The thing that goes hand-in-hand with every kind, shade, and type of jewellery is a little bit of silver bling. The SilverShine Collection from the Composables, are specially designed to work like charms when gifted to someone or when used to spice up your collection of jewellery. The links are engraved with the names of months which makes them ideal to be gifted as birthday or anniversary gifts to your loved ones. The composable links contain glittering stone details that brighten up the whole look of the jewellery pieces. Make a simple silver design or mix them up with gold or rose gold-toned links as the versatile silver match well with all different styles and materials.


Nomination for Eccentricity and Versatility


Style should not only provide the expected results in terms of fashion but should also sail erect when it comes to expressing your personal style. This where the new collection of composable links from Nomination comes in. There are plenty of ways you can not only create a new look with the all-new composable links but also design something unique for people who are special to you The beautiful handmade jewellery makes a thoughtful gift and goes well for most occasions including parties, family events, college school and more. So, wait no more and indulge yourself in the pleasure of giving.


Match Exclusivity with Quality at Acotis Diamonds


While style and design are one of the main things that should be paid attention to while choosing jewellery for yourself or you’re your loved ones, one should keep in mind that authenticity should not be compromised with. There are various stores filled with an abundant choice of beautiful charismatic jewellery but Acotis Diamonds is one store that believes in keeping benchmark quality right beside beauty and design. Find handpicked designs from more globally renowned brands in the jewellery world other than Nomination like Elements Gold, Elements Silver, Swarovski, D for Diamonds, Beginnings, Thomas Sabo, and more.