The Infinite Circle of Joy - Nomination Carousel Collection

Fashion is ever-changing and evolving into something better over time, it can be new ideas, a new way to convey the same classic feelings, or to represent your unique style in new, trendy ways. Bringing about a change in this trend of evolution, Nomination has designed a fabulous new line of jewellery that will take you back to the joys of youth while forwarding you further in the trendsetters’ era. Symbolizing, youth, innocence, memories, and an unchanged pattern of joys in life, the Carousel collection from Nomination brings forth the joys long-lost as life proceeded further. Attempting to catch the glimmering presence of childhood and love in Jewellery, Nomination combines expert craftmanship and authenticity as one. A unique kind of versatile jewellery that will rejuvenate that playful side of yours whenever you style it.


Design Your Special String of Memories: Composable Links



Celebrating all kinds of special bonds, Nomination composable links gives you the freedom to create unique designs and patterns fitting your style. Create a special something for your forever ‘partner in crime’ or send some love to your grandparents in a fashion-forward way. Ranging from “#oneforme, #oneforyou to grandma, grandpa, and granddaughter”, the engraved links are well endowed to forge the light of joy in your life. Rekindle the old bond that you had with every special friend of yours or remind granny of the same child-like enthusiasm you shared when you were young. The charm of these small links of love never fades – much like the charm and fun of an ever-going carousel.


Timeless Classics for a Timeless Bond: Watches



Why restrict yourself to the common when you can as easily find something as unique as your personality and even better, style it according to your taste. Nomination Carousel Collection presents brand new designs – made to be flattering and long-lasting. Link, unlink, clash, mix and match your favourite links from nomination and create your distinguished watch or gift a handmade delight to your loved ones. The young enthusiastic designs that are versatile to be styled in many ways be it the classic pair of pantsuit or a flimsy, flowy evening gown- bling complements your look every time.


Revisit Old Love with Engraved Bracelets



Find your holy grail with the classic composable bracelets from nomination. Featuring various engraved designs, Nomination composable bracelets are one sure way to show off your love for everyone important to you including your better half, best friend, mother, father, and siblings. Classic design features new playful charms and links with an engraved centerpiece featuring a short and sweet message for your loved one. Showcasing true craftsmanship, the ever-versatile style of the bracelets is ideal to be styled in any way desired and suits well with most casual day, formal ad semi-formal outfits – adding just the right amount of bling to the style equation.


Get in Touch with Classics in Millennial Style


Jewellery, when brought with consideration, is not a wonderful gift for your loved ones. It’s even better when the thoughtfulness is combined with unique elements of style and consideration. No matter if you are a fan of the classics or want to experiment with your look, Nomination has you covered with its brand-new designs. There are plenty of ways you can not only create a new look with the all-new composable links but also design something unique for people who are special to you. The jewellery looks beautiful and goes well for most occasions including parties, family events, college school, and more. So, wait no more and indulge yourself in the pleasure of giving.


Match Exclusivity with Quality at Acotis Diamonds


When it comes to jewellery, authenticity, style, and design go hand in hand. The genuineness of the material should never be compromised when hunting for style and trend. There are many stores filled with an abundant choice of beautiful charismatic jewellery but Acotis Diamonds is one store that believes in keeping benchmark quality right beside beauty and design. Find amazing pieces handpicked from more globally renowned brands in the domain other than Nomination like Elements Gold, Elements Silver, Links of London, Swarovski, D for Diamonds, Beginnings, Thomas Sabo, and more.