A Fresh Flair with Nomination: Mon Amour Collection 2020

With summer dresses out and flowing, it’s time to find the perfect jewellery to harmonise with your spring and summer look for 2020. Set in the latest fashion trends, the newest jewellery collections feature boho-chic designs, bold florals, multicolours, and pastels tones for a fresh summer appeal, exuding your personality perfectly. It’s time to upgrade your accessories with seasonal colours and styles with the new range from Nomination waiting to allure every eye. The Mon Amour collection presents captivating designs for you to cruise through and pamper yourself with.

Discover the embellishments for the fashionista in you with the finest Nomination must-haves this season.

Pastel Colours for the Summer Look

Creating a beautiful blend of colours, charming macaron pastels are the glory of the innovative Mon Amour range by Nomination Jewellery. Representing all things spring and summer, these colours exude a hint of grace. With beads and stones in soft lilacs and blushes, baby blues and mint greens, pale yellows and exotic peaches, Nomination bracelets and necklaces are scattered with the essence of spring and rejuvenation. The subtle and warm tones will surely add a touch of elegance and sobriety to any ensemble. For a casual day out or for a grand event, Nomination jewellery will blend perfectly with your favourite summer outfit.

Sleek Chained Designs

Presenting jewellery that highlights your personality in all its sophistication, the Nomination Mon Amour collection is composed of elegant slender chains. With coloured beads or classic white pearls imbedded across the chains, the statement jewellery creates the most stunning focal accessories for a striking accompaniment to your outfit. Pick the flawless piece that defines you from the Mon Amour collection. With a classy rose-gold finish, the sleek chained designs will give your personality the perfect sparkle. Creating an impeccable medley for your party outfits and evening dresses, the chain-style jewellery is a must-have for every fashion-forward lady.

Creating a Medley of Mixed Charms

With delicate charms gracefully hanging between extravagant stones and timeless pearls, they balance out the subtle and minimal elegance of the accessories. Fun little strawberries, exotic cherries, and the romantic daisies adorn the nomination jewellery pieces in clusters for a quirky look. Even accessories with different charms mingled together compose chic pieces to augment your personality. Blending charms such as stars, cherries, suns, and stars give the jewellery a unique and fascinating touch. Enhancing your overall attire, the fresh and eccentric charms will give your style and personality a burst of gorgeous spring energy!

Sole Pendants and Bracelets Lock Charms

Featuring a unique style, Nomination presents an original style of jewellery enveloping the new Mon Amour collection. In contrast to the string of charms entrenched along with the chained accessories, there are beautiful bracelets and necklaces bejewelled with single charms. Gilded with merely large pendants and exquisite charms that glory bracelets and necklaces solely, the brand creates bold focal pieces to speak for you. The style has a T-bar closure through the charm strawberries, daisies, or large florals for an exclusive and quirky fashion addition to your jewellery box. This exudes a chic look to match your bold personality.

Charming Collections by Nomination

Presenting a new way of communicating and expressing your personality through luxurious and chic jewellery and symbols that represent you, Nomination is a brand that proves that jewellery is a powerful language to showcase individuality. Right from the beginning, the brand has crossed Italian borders to win over the world and earn itself a large customer following. Whether you are already a fan of Nomination jewellery or you are discovering it for the first time, you will surely find yourself exquisite pieces to fall in love form the new Mon Amour range by Nomination.

A Luxurious Touch with Acotis Diamonds

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